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Commissioners Recognize Incinerator Disc Golf Course Volunteers

Posted November 29, 2022


On November 21, the Granville County Board of Commissioners recognized the hard work and dedication of local disc golf enthusiasts in their efforts to bring a high quality 18-hole course to the Granville Athletic Park.
“The Incinerator” was built with only minimal labor and expenses by county staff and has already put Granville County on the map in the disc golf world.
Disc golf first came to the GAP in 2018 thanks to the efforts of Granville County native David Nicholson and a group of dedicated volunteers. With the assistance of the GAP parks and grounds crew, the volunteers initially built nine holes before completing the final nine in 2022.
These volunteers have succeeded in creating a destination for disc golf enthusiasts from across the state in a uniquely themed course that pays tribute to the rich history behind the park’s development.
For more information about the Incinerator Disc Golf Course, please visit the Granville County website.
Thank you to all of our dedicated volunteers!
David Nicholson, Kyrston Nicholson, Jeff Schons, Michael Fortlage, Ben Lewis Benjamin, Fermin Calderon, Russell Davis, Heyward Gignilliat, Andy Mathews, Joe Tartamella, Justin Crow, Dilon Lawson, Dionicio Salazar, Paul Shelton Jr., Parker Schons, Samuel Sirianna, Adam Weisbrodt, Larry Smith, Davis Lever, and Sam Taylor.

Cooperative Extension Gives Advice on Poinsettia Care

Posted November 29, 2022


Poinsettias are the flowers often associated with Christmas and they come in a variety of colors ranging from red, white, pink, and various shades in between. With the Christmas holiday approaching, Granville County Horticulture Agent Johnny Coley offers tips on choosing and caring for your poinsettia.


“Poinsettias have a bad reputation for being poisonous,” says Coley. “Although they are not recommended for food consumption, they are not poisonous. Some people may have an adverse reaction to the latex that exudes from the leaves and stem when they are broken; however, usually this is only a minor skin irritation.”


When asked how to go about choosing the best poinsettia for purchase, Coley emphasized that buyers “be sure it is not wilted, and the bottom leaves are not yellow. This could be an indication of over watering or temperature damage and the plant will not recover.” 


“The care of poinsettias is much like any other house plant, with water and temperature being the main concerns,” continued Coley. “Poinsettias do not like to be over watered but prefer evenly moist soil. When in doubt about whether to water poinsettias, err on the side of dry. How often you need to water will depend on location and the type of soil in which they are growing. Temperatures for poinsettias should range between 55 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures below or above this will shorten the life of the plant.”


Coley recommended the following strategies for those who would like to keep their poinsettia past the Christmas season. “Treat it like other houseplants with once-a-month fertilization schedule. When the day length begins to shorten next fall, place the poinsettia in an area that receives at least 13-14 hours of uninterrupted darkness until it turns the appropriate color.”


For more information about poinsettia care please visit Cooperative Extension website.

Commissioners Honor Doug Logan

Posted November 28, 2022



Granville County Commissioners honored the service of Doug Logan during their meeting on Monday, November 21.
Doug served as Interim County Manager from July through October 2022 following the departure of Michael Felts until Drew Cummings began employment on October 17.
In addition to serving as Interim County Manager, Doug had retired in January of 2020 from his role as the Director of Granville County Emergency Management and Fire Marshal.
“We knew you would be ready to answer the call to help us during this transition and we know your service to our county isn’t over yet,” said Chairman Tony Cozart.
Thank you once again to Doug Logan for his service to Granville County!

Legislative Hearing Notice – December 5, 2022

Posted November 22, 2022


The Granville County Board of County Commissioners at their meeting on Monday, December 5, 2022 will hold public hearings at 7:00 PM or later at the Granville Expo and Convention Center at 4185 US Highway 15 South, Oxford, N.C. 27565.  


The purpose of the public hearings are to hear public comments on the following Land Development Code text amendment petitions:


Granville County Land Development Code Text Amendment Petition




Granville County Land Development Code Text Amendment Petition




Changes may be made in the advertised proposals, which reflect debate, objections, and discussions at the hearings.  Any interested citizen is invited to attend.


For additional information or public examination, contact the Granville County Planning Department, 122 Williamsboro Street, P.O. Box 877, Oxford, NC 27565; phone 919-603-1331 or fax 919-693-6794.

Tips for Purchasing and Maintaining Fresh Cut Christmas Trees

Posted November 17, 2022


For those of us who love the smell of a fresh cut live Christmas tree, whether it is a Fraser Fir, White Pine, Arizona Cypress, or Eastern Red Cedar, the scent is often the fragrance we associate with Christmas, but how do we ensure we are properly selecting and caring for our fresh cut Christmas tree? Here are some tips from Granville/Person Horticulture Agent Johnny Coley for purchasing and keeping your tree throughout the Christmas season.


“Check the needle retention on the tree by rubbing the foliage when purchasing,” says Coley. “The more the tree sheds its needles, the less ‘freshly cut’ it likely is. The condition of the tree when it was cut can also cause the needles to drop quicker. For example, if it was dry for a prolonged period where the tree was growing, the tree could have less water retention and therefore, have less needle retention. The pliability of the leaves is also an indicator of the tree’s moisture. Fresh fir or spruce tree needles break when they are bent, like a carrot; however, they should not be brittle.  An indication that a pine tree is dry is that its needles break at all. Shaking a tree is another way to judge its freshness. New, green needles should not fall off, whereas older dead needles will.”


“Once you have chosen your fresh cut North Carolina grown Christmas tree there are some steps to ensure it stays that way throughout the Christmas season,” continued Coley. ”Remove about a half inch thick disk from the base of your tree to allow water uptake and immediately put the base into water. If your tree is not going into the house immediately, place the base of the tree in a container of water outside in a shaded area.  When you bring the tree inside be sure to put water in the tree stand as soon as possible. Check water level daily to prevent the tree from experiencing any dry periods. If the base of the tree is out of water for three days or more, you need to make a fresh cut so that the tree will take up enough water to keep it fresh longer.”


Coley continued by urging those who purchase natural Christmas trees to “be sure your tree stand is large enough to support your tree and that the water reservoir will hold a large amount of water to ensure proper hydration. Do not use any tree preservatives, antitranspirants, or other additives in the water. Research shows that water additives are not needed and, in many cases, cause adverse effects. Place the tree away from any heat source and turn off any vents that may blow directly onto your tree. Even placing your tree in front of a south facing window can cause it to dry out quicker. Tree lights should only be on when you are at home and should be turned off when you go to bed. Always check all electrical cords before using on or near your tree. If your tree does dry out, remove it from your house before it creates a fire hazard.” 


Using these tips will help keep you and your family safe this Christmas season. For more information about Christmas tree care, visit this website.


Coley also reminded Granville residents that “trees are not the only fresh items you can use in decorating for Christmas. Many readily available plants such as holly and Nandina branches with their bright red berries add a touch of color to your Christmas décor. Rosemary, boxwoods, cedars, junipers, Magnolias, Leyland cypress and many other evergreens can help create a wonderful array of texture, color, and fragrance.  As with your tree, however, be sure to keep these fresh cut items hydrated with a water supply and if they dry out, remove them to prevent a fire hazard.”


For more information about holiday decorating with fresh greenery, visit this website.


If you have any questions regarding this information or would like a copy of the documents referenced, please contact Johnny Coley at 919-603-1350 (Granville) or 336-599-1195 (Person), or email

Board of Commissioners Meeting Notice – November 21

Posted November 17, 2022


The Granville County Board of Commissioners will meet at the Granville Expo & Convention Center, 4185 Highway 15, Oxford, NC on Monday, November 21, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. for the regular scheduled meeting.


Any questions should be directed to Debra Weary, Clerk to the Board, at 919-603-1307 or emailed to


View the meeting agenda.

Veterans Appreciation Breakfast

Posted November 16, 2022



Granville County Senior Services hosted a fantastic Veterans Breakfast on Thursday, November 10 to honor Veterans of all military branches in Granville County!
Amedysis Home Health Services sponsored the event, which included a breakfast and a pinning ceremony for each veteran.
The guest speaker was J. Michael Wenger. Thank you to all Veterans and their families who participated in this year’s event!

Fall Clean Out – Saturday November 19

Posted November 15, 2022



On Saturday, November 19, residents of Granville County can bring recyclable and hazardous household items as well as documents that they would like to be safely shredded to the Granville County Convention and Expo Center (4185 US Highway 15, Oxford) from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. for the fall clean out event.


Items to be collected for recycling and/or safe disposal include paint (limit of 15 cans per vehicle), household chemicals, light tubes, drain cleaners, pesticides, documents for shredding, scrap metal, broken appliances, computers, printer, televisions, prescription drugs, ammunition, batteries, books, and styrofoam.


The Humane Society of Granville County will also be on site collecting donations for pet supplies like food, leashes, collars, crates, beds, litter, and towels.


At each cleanout event, Granville County residents recycle or safely dispose of thousands of pounds of hazardous materials. Recycling and safe disposal helps protect Granville residents from hazardous waste while also protecting and preserving our county’s natural landscape and waterways.


For more information, contact Granville County Recycling and Sustainability Coordinator Teresa Baker at 919-725-1417 or by email. 

Veterans Discount for NC Forest Service Tree Seedlings

Posted November 15, 2022



To show its appreciation for the service and sacrifice made by veterans and current military members, the N.C. Forest Service is offering a 25% discount on tree seedling orders placed by active, honorably discharged or retired military personnel during the month of November. The discount applies to the first $500 of all new orders, up to a $125 discount.


“North Carolina is home to many veterans and current military members, many of whom are forestland owners,” said Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler. “This discount is a token of appreciation as we honor them this Veteran’s Day and it also helps ensure the sustainability of forestland in the state.”


To qualify for the discount, proof of service is required. A valid military ID, Department of Defense Form 214/215 or National Guard Bureau Form 22/22A is acceptable. Standard shipping rates still apply. Tree seedlings may be ordered by calling 1-888-NCTREES or by visiting the Buy NC Trees website.


The N.C. Forest Service Nursery and Tree Improvement program ensures that residents of North Carolina have access to the best native trees and genetics available for use on their land. Current available inventory includes loblolly pine, shortleaf pine, white pine, Fraser and Turkish firs as well as a variety of spruces and hardwoods.


For further information, contact County Ranger Rob Montague in the Granville/Vance area office.  Phone 919-693-3154 or email.

Board of Elections Meeting Notice – November 16

The Granville County Board of Elections will hold a board meeting to count absentee and provisional ballots on Wednesday, November 16, 2022 at 9:00 a.m. The Board will be conducting any other business to come before the Board.

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