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Granville County Crime Stoppers:


What is Crime Stoppers?

The purpose of Granville County Crime Stoppers is to help make Granville County a safer place to live, work, and raise a family by assisting law enforcement in the fight against crime.

Crime Stoppers is comprised of members of the community, the media, law enforcement agencies and businesses that work together to help solve crimes.

Citizens are encouraged, via cash rewards and a promise of anonymity, to provide information leading to the arrest and indictment of criminals.

How does it work?

Crime Stoppers is dedicated to putting criminals behind bars while building a foundation of trust and support. The goal of Crime Stoppers is to make the streets safer for our families and neighborhoods.

As facts about an unsolved crime are publicized, citizens are encouraged to call Crime Stoppers with any information about the case. Each informant is given a code number so that confidentiality and anonymity are ensured. Rewards of up to $1000 for information leading to the arrest of a criminal provide incentive to participants. The amount of the payment is determined by the value of the evidence provided.

Who benefits?

All of us benefit. A criminal who is taken from society, is no longer a threat to our community. In a community where citizens work together to solve crimes, the threat of swift, sure punishment serves as a strong deterrent to would-be criminals.

Thousands of dollars worth of stolen property is recovered each year through Crime Stoppers’ information, often amounting to ten times the amount Crime Stoppers paid out to solve the crime.

How can you help?

Crime Stoppers’ only purpose is to make our community a better and safer place to live. Crime Stoppers gives every citizen the opportunity to actually do something about the problem of crime by giving a donation and/or information about a crime.

Your donation will have an actual impact in reducing crime and removing criminals from our community.

What type information is needed?

Information such as:

  • Where does the person hang out?
  • Do you know his/her friends?
  • Does the person have a car? Can you describe it?

All information of this type will be helpful to law enforcement officers.

Are contributions tax deductible?

Crime Stoppers has been approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501c(3) organizations, and therefore all contributions are tax deductible.


Please call 919-693-3100 to report any tips.

No one ever knows the identity of the caller.





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