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Vendors Sought for Wedding and Events Expo

Posted December 28, 2022


Granville County vendors are invited to participate in the 2022 Granville Wedding & Events Expo, scheduled for March 4, 2023. Brides planning a wedding or anyone planning a special event will be invited to the Granville Convention & Expo Center to learn more about wedding venues, vendors, and resources available to help plan the “perfect” event.


Vendors interested in participating in the expo should register before January 13, 2023, by visiting this page. Space is limited, with first priority being given to Granville-based vendors. After January 13, vendors outside of Granville County will be able to sign up to participate, depending on space limitations and availability.  All vendors will need to reserve space by February 10, 2023.


Sponsorships for the expo are also available, as well as opportunities to distribute items to participants in “VIP bags” that will be given out at the event.


For more information about the expo, contact Granville County Tourism Director Angela Allen by phone at 919-693-6125 or by email at

Cooperative Extension Office Closed Until Further Notice

December 28, 2022


The Granville County Cooperative Extension Office is closed until further notice due to an outage of the facility’s heating system.


Please call 919-603-1350 before visiting in the coming days to confirm that the facility has reopened.

Angela Allen Receives Regional Marketing Award

Posted December 27, 2022



Granville County Tourism Development Authority Director Angela Allen was recently recognized for her work promoting Granville County as a tourism destination while attending the annual DIY Tourism and Local Marketing Conference in Asheville, NC. Allen was recognized for her use of innovative community building to create a tangible impact in how current and future visitors view Granville County.


The DIY Tourism and Local Marketing Conference is held annually in Asheville and lead by co-founders Sarah Benoit, Chris Cavanaugh, and Justin Belleme. This year the conference organizers decided to recognize three tourism organizations for their work and impact in the communities they serve across the southeast region. Angela Allen was recognized for her work with the Granville County Tourism Development Authority along with Jessica Icenhour Roberts (Mount Airy Tourism Development Authority) and Tami Reist and Angie Pierce from the Alabama Mountain Lakes Tourism Association. Allen was recognized for her positive energy, intention to build community, and ability to think outside the box during times of change.


“Angela has brought a big heart, lots of laughter, and so much courage and excitement into every room, virtual or in-person, over the last two years. We are truly grateful she is part of our extended community and deeply appreciate how she shares ideas and uplifts everyone around her,” said Sarah Benoit.


For more information about the DIY Tourism and Local Marketing Conference, please visit their website.


Visit the Tourism Development Authority website for more information about events taking place across the county.

Message from the Board of Elections

Posted December 20, 2022


On behalf of the Granville County (NC) Board of Elections, we would like to say a resounding “thank you” to the 145 Election Workers that worked the 3 polls during One-Stop and the 15 precincts on Election Day.


We thank Gary Bowen and the Facilities Staff who picked up and safely delivered all election equipment to their locations before and after the Primary and the General Elections.


We thank Printelect technicians, who provide support for our voting machines and equipment on Election Day.


We thank Chris Brame, Granville County IT Director, and Ron Jones, Network Administrator, who keeps the computers running during the One-Stop early voting, and other IT staff that assist.


We thank the Apple Rock Company staff that provided the table shields tailored for each location that kept the poll workers and the public safe from Covid-19.


We appreciate James C. Wrenn, Jr. Board of Elections attorney for supporting us by providing sound legal advice throughout the years.


We thank the Granville County Manager and the County Commissioners for their support.


Last but not least, we extend profound gratitude to Granville County (NC) Elections Director, Tonya Burnette and the Board of Election’s Office Staff who work diligently, year after year, with the people mentioned above to make elections happen in Granville County, NC.


Your roles in the election process provided an opportunity for the 40,430 registered voters in our county to have their voices heard. Suffice it to say, we sincerely and truly appreciate you and all you do.


James A. Wall, Sr., MHA, LFACHE
Chairman, Granville County Board

Soil and Water Foundation Scholarships Available

Posted December 19, 2022


The North Carolina Foundation for Soil and Water Conservation is offering scholarships to students who are currently studying or plan to seek a degree in natural resource management at a college, university, or community college in North Carolina. Scholarship applications are open now and will be available until February 1, 2023.


The Careers in Conservation Scholarship Program’s goal is to increase the number of qualified people committed to working in the field of natural resource management thereby supporting the mission of Soil and Water Conservation Districts. Scholarship recipients will be students who are currently pursuing or have firm plans to pursue a college degree in natural resource management or other closely related fields. Recipients will receive $1,000 per school year and must reapply each year for consideration.


This past year, two Granville County residents, Austin Carroll and Susan Huff, received scholarships from the Foundation and are both currently enrolled at NC State University. Sarah is pursuing a degree in Poultry Science and Austin is pursuing a degree in Crops and Soil Science.


Scholarship awards will be announced in April 2023.


Applicants are encouraged to submit a letter of recommendation from their Soil and Water Conservation District Board or staff members. For more information, please contact the Granville County Soil and Water office at 919-693-4603.


To apply, visit the Soil and Water Foundation website.

2023 Tax Listing Period

Posted December 19, 2022


Residents of Granville County, please watch your mail for the 2023 listing forms.  You should list any of the following items owned as of January 1, 2023.


  • All new construction and improvements made to real property during 2022
  • Unregistered vehicles (Registered or licensed vehicles should not be listed)
  • Business personal property including IRP, multi-year or permanently tagged vehicles/trailers
  • Non-household personal property (ex. Boats and motors, jet skis and airplanes)


Listing period is during the month of January.  Failing to list during this period will result in a 10% late list penalty for the tax levied.  All listings, including those submitted by mail, should be received in the Tax Department or postmarked by the US Postal Service within the listing period.


Application deadlines for exemptions:


  • Elderly, Disabled, Circuit Breaker and Disabled Veterans, January 1 – June 1, 2023
  • Present Use Value deferments and all other exemptions, January 1 – January 31, 2023


Applications may be obtained from the Tax Department.


The Granville County Tax Department staff will be available by appointment, for assistance, during the listing period, Monday through Wednesday and Friday 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. and Thursday 9:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. at 141 Williamsboro St. Oxford, NC  27565.

Opioid Advisory Committee Seeks Public Input on Spending Settlement Funds

Posted December 15, 2022


Give your input now, by taking five to ten minutes to fill out this survey.



The Granville County Opioid Advisory Committee is seeking public input to determine strategies that Granville County will utilize for funding from the National Opioid Settlements. These settlement funds are being awarded to Granville County as a participant in litigation against large manufacturers and distributors of opioids who have contributed to the existing opioid crisis across the United States.


As a recipient of the National Opioid Settlement funds, Granville County signed onto the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA), which specifies specific strategies and allowed uses for the funds. These strategies have been tested and proven to help treat and prevent opioid addiction. Until public input is gathered via a survey, public meetings and other strategic planning steps that involve Granville County residents, healthcare providers, and other stakeholders, the county is prohibited from using any of the settlement funding.


“Please take a few minutes to fill out this short survey that will help us fight the opioid epidemic here in Granville County,” said committee Chair Jimmy Gooch. “As a county government, we have an obligation to utilize these funds to help as many of our residents as possible while also being careful stewards of the funds we receive. Gaining a better understanding of how our community would like the county to prioritize our spending is a critical first step to improving how the opioid crisis is addressed in Granville County. This epidemic has affected so many people right here in our community and we are committed to helping those who have been, or will be, affected by this issue.”


The Opioid Advisory Committee was established in 2018 by the Granville County Board of Commissioners to engage in shared leadership and collective action to advance a comprehensive response to opioid and other drug use. The committee includes representatives and stakeholders from within Granville County government as well as the Granville-Vance Public Health Department, Granville Health System, Vaya Health, law enforcement, local pharmacy owners, behavioral health professionals, affected families, and other concerned citizens.


For more information about the National Opioid Settlements, visit the “More Powerful NC” website. 

Fall Clean Out Event Collects Over 31,000 Pounds of Waste

Posted December 14, 2022


On Saturday November 19, the Granville County Convention and Expo Center was the site of another successful recycling and hazardous waste disposal event. By the end of the day, over 31,000 pounds of materials had been collected for recycling and safe disposal by vendors. Participants also stepped up by donating pet food and supplies to the Humane Society of Granville County.


Teresa Baker, Recycling and Sustainability Coordinator for Granville County and Granville County Public Schools, reported the following totals from the Fall Clean-Out event:


  • Veolia Environmental Services – 7,340 pounds of paint included in a total of 13,400 pounds of hazardous household waste.
  • Department of Agriculture Pesticides Division – 1,110 pounds of pesticides.
  • Green for Life (GFL) – 2,700 pounds of scrap metal.
  • Shred Ace – 7,820 pounds of shredded paper.
  • Granville County Sheriff’s Office – 154.3 pounds of medications and medical waste.
  • METech Recycling – 4,334 pounds of electronics.
  • Interstate Batteries – 817 pounds of various batteries.
  • RMR Book Recycling – 860 pounds.
  • Granville Humane Society – 6 large bags of towels, sheets, toys, leashes, and collars. 40 pounds of kibble, 16 cans of wet pet food, medical supplies, and 1 crate.


Residents who participate in Granville County’s clean out events leave knowing that these waste materials will either be recycled or properly disposed of instead of harming the local environment.


Granville County Environmental Services would like to thank all vendors, staff, volunteers, and participants who helped make the Fall Clean-Out event a great success.

Improve Broadband Internet Access in Granville County

Posted December 13, 2022


Granville County Administration is seeking assistance from county residents to improve broadband internet access. Residents can visit to confirm data collected by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on their new National Broadband Map. The information contained on this map will be used to determine federal and state funding for grants that may be used to expand broadband internet access in Granville County.


The National Broadband Map displays where internet services are and are not available across the country, as reported by internet service providers. The map allows consumers to easily dispute information shown on the map that they believe was not accurately reported by these providers. Visit and search for your home or business address. If you see incorrect information, you can help the FCC improve the map by submitting a challenge to one of the following key data points:  


  • Availability Challenges: If the information about the internet services available at your home or business is incorrect, you can dispute it by clicking on the “Availability Challenge” link on the map and submit the form.


  • Mobile Challenges: If the map of mobile coverage submitted by your provider seems incorrect, you can dispute that by taking speed tests on your mobile phone with the FCC Speed Test App, available for both Android and iOS.


  • Location Challenges: If the information about the location point of your home or business seems to be incorrect, you can submit a “Location Challenge” to correct the information on the location by utilizing the link on the map.


“Granville County is constantly searching for funding and partnerships that can expand broadband access in the unserved or underserved parts of our county,” said Assistant County Manager Korena Weichel. “Accurate data is the first step to improved access. Data from the National Broadband Map will be used when state and federal governments are making award decisions for broadband infrastructure grants. Internet service providers will also consult these maps to determine where they may be able to access new customers and determine when and where to install new infrastructure needed to supply this valuable utility. Even though regulatory laws in North Carolina prohibit county and city governments from owning or operating internet infrastructure, we are committed to partnering with internet service providers that are willing to make the necessary investments that will bridge the digital divide and expand access to broadband internet in rural Granville County.”

Former Sheriff Brindell Wilkins Convicted in Wake County Court

Posted November 12, 2022


Former Granville County Sheriff Brindell Wilkins was convicted on Thursday, December 8, by a Wake County jury of multiple counts of obstruction of justice and obtaining property by false pretenses. The jury found that Wilkins falsified in-service training and firearms records necessary to maintain law enforcement certification for himself and certain deputies under his command. The Court sentenced Wilkins to a minimum of eighteen months in prison followed twenty-four months of probation. He was immediately taken into custody. 


Additional criminal charges remain pending against Wilkins. These charges include two counts of felony obstruction of justice arising from allegations that Wilkins withheld knowledge of a credible threat to kill a former deputy and that he failed to make reasonable and professional efforts to protect the deputy. Two felony and two misdemeanor charges relating to allegations that Wilkins failed to discharge the duties of his office are also pending.


Following Wilkins’ original indictment on September 16, 2019, Granville County Attorney Jim Wrenn brought an action to remove Wilkins as Sheriff of Granville County. On September 23, 2019, Wilkins agreed to a consent order suspending his service as Sheriff pending resolution of the criminal charges. Following Wilkins’ suspension as Sheriff, the Granville County Board of Commissioners authorized Wrenn to lead an internal investigation.


County Attorney Wrenn retained the services of a retired Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent, Charles W. Stuber, Jr. and a retired Division Counsel for the Atlanta Field Division of the United States Drug Enforcement Administration and former United States Attorney, Michael J. O’Leary, to assist in this internal investigation. The accounting firm Cherry Bekaert, LLP was also retained to conduct an analysis of banking and other records related to the processing of assets, principally cash, seized from roadside interdictions. The consultants identified many areas of concern within the Sheriff’s Office and recommended the adoption and implementation of certain policies, procedures, and internal controls which were ultimately put in place by the Sheriff’s Office and Granville County government. The consultants operated entirely independent of state and federal investigators and reported directly to the County Attorney. When information that may have been criminal in nature was discovered, law enforcement authorities were notified by the County Attorney. Some of the information provided led to further law enforcement investigations which resulted in criminal charges against Wilkins and others.


Details of the above-referenced internal investigations can be found on the Granville County website.

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