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Due to recent recommendations by the Center for Disease Control and Preparedness (CDC) & Vance Granville Public Health, we have altered our office and appointment practices. Please call our direct line for assistance – (919) 693-1484. Additionally, all NC counties have lost much of the support we receive from our VA partner offices. The VA Regional Office in Winston-Salem is closed. The National Archives (St. Louis) is only processing emergency request with a very narrow scope of allowable reasons to process. The NCDMVA is working from home and their capabilities are severely restricted. The Granville County Veteran Services Office is open; however, we are unable to do face to face meeting or accept drop-offs, the Senior Center is closed to the public. Due to the continued obstacles, we are unable to process some of your requests and when we do them, unfortunately, they take much longer than you have previously experienced with our office. We are living in unprecedented times but we are working tirelessly to support our veterans and their dependents. 


COVID-19 is something we should all be prepared for but not panicked about.

Here are a few things we should all remember to implement in our everyday lives:

  • Wash your hands. We all should be washing our hands regularly throughout the day. Wash them for at least 20 seconds especially after blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing; going to the restroom; and before eating or preparing food.
  • No handshakes or hugs. Fist bumps or chicken wing shakes are not just hip and fashionable, they are COVID-19 approved.
  • Avoid touching your face with unwashed hands (eyes, nose and mouth).
  • Stay at home if you are sick.
    • Stay away from others that are or have been sick in the last 14 days.
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then do not GO past home, do not collect $200 and go directly to the pail and throw away.
  • Clean ‘high touch’ surfaces often with a good disinfectant or Clorox mix (10:1 ratio, water to Clorox).

Have questions about COVID-19? Please visit the CDC Website.

The phrase, “Everyone knows a Veteran” is true in every form of the word. They were the ones that took an oath and stood watch. They are the true sheepdogs and the ones who signed a blank check to the greatest Nation on earth. That check was written for “up to, and including, my life” and it was written in blood and tears. It could be your neighbor, your barber or your Aunt or Uncle. Veterans come in all shapes and sizes, from every walk of life. Once the job is complete and they are civilians once again, there is a debt the Nation still owes them.

Since the inception of the Veterans Service Office, at the conclusion of the Civil war, it has been our mission to take care of and look after our Brothers and Sisters in arms. At the Granville County Veterans Service Office, we are still standing watch. The debt is being paid.

Service Above Self – A Veterans Story

Related imageThe Granville County Veterans Service Office is located at 107 Lanier Street in Oxford. Our office provides a wide range of services to the veteran and their family members. We serve all veterans, spouses, widows, and children of veterans residing in Granville County with Veterans Administration matters.

Our office is responsible for securing allowable and applicable benefits for veterans and their dependents. Services include advising local veterans concerning their rights under various federal and state laws, counseling them, and assisting them by filling out the proper forms for forwarding to the Department of Veterans Affairs. Work is guided by state and federal laws/regulations.

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Current Events

Thank A Vet Program. The Granville County Register of Deeds Office will provide Veterans with a photo ID card that can be used for discounts at participating businesses in Granville County. This is a free program to all Veterans that register, or have already registered, their DD 214. The Granville Co. Register of Deeds office is located at, 101 Main Street, Oxford, NC (inside the courthouse building). The hours for issuing ID cards will be Monday – Friday, 0830 – 1630. The veteran will need to present their original or certified DD214 and one of the following: valid state driver’s license, state ID card, military ID, etc. The Register of Deeds can be reached at (919) 693-6314 for further information.

Veteran Service Office Information

If you are interested in applying for VA benefits or need assistance with VA paperwork, please contact our office to schedule an appointment. A Veteran Service Officer (VSO) will meet with you to answer any questions you have about your benefit eligibility. We will then help you submit any paperwork and assist with gathering any necessary documentation and evidence to support your claim. NOTE:  COVID-19 procedures are currently implemented.

A VSO serves as a liaison between the veteran and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

VSO Direct Line: 919-693-1484

Please be aware that the Granville County Veterans Service Office does not provide consultations or complete claims work via email or telephone. If you email documentation, there is no guarantee this office will get to it in a timely manner. We do not accept drop-offs unless you previously discuss this with us in person. In order to ensure you get prompt and timely service, please make an appointment and bring in all information that is pertinent to your case.

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