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County Administration includes the County Manager, Assistant County Manager, Clerk to the Board/Executive Assistant, Public Information Officer/Grant Development Specialist, and Senior Administrative Support Specialist.

The County Manager and the Clerk to the Board are both appointed directly by the Board of Commissioners.

The major duties of the department include supervising and coordinating the activities of county departments and agencies. Roles differ based on the reporting relationship between the department or agency and the Board of Commissioners. For example, departments or agencies may report to separately appointed boards, the department manager may be elected, or the department manager may be appointed by the State of North Carolina.

The County Manager is generally responsible for the following functions: ensuring that all ordinances and policies of the Board are implemented; making recommendations on business matters; recommending an annual budget; and keeping the Board informed on the County’s financial condition. The County Manager serves in the official capacity of budget officer, personnel officer and purchasing official.

Drew Cummings, County Manager
104 Belle Street
PO Box 906
Oxford, NC 27565

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