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Granville Youth Leadership Council 2023-24 Cohort

Posted November 30, 2023


Granville County Youth Leadership Council represent the crucial role that youth have in shaping the future. Particularly the youth voice in Granville County. The Council is a platform that empowers young minds to actively participate in decision-making processes, fostering a sense of responsibility and commitment to community development. Members are not only representatives of youth civic engagement, but they are architects of change bringing new ideas and opportunities to the community.  Comprising of talented and passionate young leaders, the Youth Council members are poised to make significant impacts and contributions to Granville County.


The GCYLC members were chosen from a pool of applicants comprised of students from High Schools across Granville County. The term of office runs from September 2023-June 2024. The new members joining the council for the 23-24 year are: Ana Black, District 4; Josef Black, District 4; Claire Glavin, District 7; Jacquelin Jose, District 4; Kaylee Overby, District 5; Dylan Roseman, District 5 and Nathanael Royster, District 7.  These new members have hit the ground running and already involved in many activities.


GCYLC Members 2023-2024 Term

Jermaine Puryear, Jr., Chair, Board Liaison, District 3

Elaina Eley, Vice Chair, Board Liaison, District 6

Amber Necessary, Secretary, Board Liaison, District 6

Jaden Easow, Treasurer, Board Liaison, District 6

Iesha Landis, Social Events Chair, Board Liaison, District 6

Cassie Peele, Media and Public Relations Chair, Board Liaison, District 2

Vashti Pearson, Social Media/Content Creator, Board Liaison, District 5

Asia Abdul-Haqq, Board Liaison, District 5

Joydan Johnson, Board Liaison, District 6

Ana Black, Board Liaison, District 4

Josef Black, Board Liaison, District 4

Claire Glavin, Board Liaison, District 7

Jacquelin Jose, Board Liaison, District 4

Kaylee Overby, Board Liaison, District 5

Dylan Roseman, Board Liaison, District 5

Nathanael Royster, Board Liaison, District 7


The purpose of this council is to ensure that youth in the community have a voice, but most importantly, that their voices are heard, recognized and valued. During their tenure, they will gain invaluable leadership skills through their service on selected county boards, outreach, initiatives and youth-led projects. 


The members have already been hard at work, holding a strategic planning session retreat in November. Members divided into committees where they worked diligently on plans for future initiatives. The day ended with some team building activities at Palace Pointe. The Council has ambitious plans for the future. From launching a Teen Clothing Closet, sponsoring a Teen Night, developing a mental health proposal for teens, and hosting community forums and discussions. These young leaders are determined to make a lasting impact. By fostering an environment that encourages collaboration and innovation, the Youth Council aims to create a community where the aspirations of youth are not only acknowledged but actively supported. They will not only provide a voice to the County Commissioners, but they will actively serve on boards such as the Human Relations Committee, Veterans Affairs, Board of Trustees with the Library, etc.


The Youth Leadership Council presented their annual report at the commissioners meeting on November 6, 2023. They discussed their accomplishments from the previous year and their plans for the future. If you would like to learn more about the Council and their activities, please visit their website at

Notice of Board of Elections Meeting – November 30, 2023

Posted November 28, 2023


The Granville County Board of Elections will meet in the Board of Elections office at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, November 30, 2023 to propose and approve a One-Stop Plan for the March 5, 2023 Presidential Primary and Board of Education Election. 

Public Notice of Adoption of Schedules, Standards, and Rules for 2024 Revaluation

Posted November 27, 2023


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on the 20th day of November, the Granville County Board of Commissioners adopted the true value and present use value schedules, standards, and rules to be used in the 2024 reappraisal of real property in Granville County in accordance with N.C.G.S. §105-317.


NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that a copy of said true value and present use value schedules, standards, and rules are posted on the Granville County website, and are on file in the office of the Granville County Tax Assessor, 141 Williamsboro St, Oxford, NC for public inspection.


NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that a property owner who asserts that the schedules, standards, and rules are invalid, may take exception to the order and appeal therefrom to the Property Tax Commission within 30 days of the date when this notice of the order adopting the schedules, standards, and rules was first published.  The final date that these schedules may be appealed is December 29, 2023.

Recreation Mini-Grant Call for Applications

Posted November 22, 2023


The Granville County Parks, Greenways, and Recreation Advisory Committee will begin accepting applications for its 2024-2025 Recreation Mini Grant program on December 1, 2023. The grant application period will run through January 31, 2024.


Local government entities and registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations within Granville County are eligible for up to $25,000 in grant funding specifically for recreation related projects. These grant funds are used to facilitate the development and support of active and passive recreation and leisure activities for County residents. 


“The funding helps further the County’s reach in providing recreational amenities to a broad spectrum of residents, especially in areas of the county that are underserved or those that have not received prior funding.” stated Deputy County Manager Korena Weichel. “The Parks, Greenways, and Recreation Advisory Committee is grateful to the Board of Commissioners for continuing to provide funding for this important program over the past several years.”


Examples of past projects funded by mini grant awards include playground equipment at Jack Day Community Park in Stem, fishing piers at Lake Rogers Park in Creedmoor, facility improvements at South Granville High School, picnic shelters at the Grassy Creek Community Center.  Signs are erected at project sites to inform residents that their county tax dollars helped provide the amenities.  


Program guidelines and application are available for download on the Granville County website. Printed copies may also be obtained from the Granville County Planning Office located at 122 Williamsboro Street, Oxford.


All applications must be submitted by 5:00 pm on January 31, 2024. Complete submission requirements and instructions are included in the program guidelines.


To learn more about this grant opportunity, contact Deputy County Manager Korena Weichel at (919) 603-1366 or email

UOCAVA Notice for March 5, 2024 Primary Election

Posted November 22, 2023


This is an official notice of an election to be conducted in GRANVILLE County on 03/05/2024. This notice contains a list of all of the ballot measures and federal, State, and local offices this county expects, as of this date, to be on the ballot on the date of the election. (See Attachment)


An Election Notice will be prepared not later than 100 days before a regularly scheduled election that permits absentee voting, and as soon as practicable in the case of an election or vacancy election not regularly scheduled. For a second primary, an Election Notice will be prepared, no later than the day following the date the appropriate board of elections orders that a second primary be held.


As soon as ballot styles are printed, this county board of elections will update this notice with the certified candidates for each office and ballot measures and referenda questions that will be on the ballot. For General Elections during even-numbered years, ballots will be printed 60 days prior to the election. For statewide primaries and other elections (except municipal elections), ballots will be printed 50 days prior to the election. Municipal ballots are available 30 days prior to Election Day. You must request an updated Election Notice.


Transmitting a Federal Write-in Absentee Ballot:

This notice may be used in conjunction with the federal write-in absentee ballot (FWAB). Covered military & overseas voters seeking to vote by absentee ballot may use the FWAB to register to vote, request an absentee ballot, and vote an official military-overseas ballot. When using the FWAB to register to vote, and/or request an absentee ballot, please transmit your signed and completed FWAB no later than 5:00 p.m. on the day before Election Day. If submitted later than this day and time, your absentee ballot will not be counted. Federal write-in absentee ballots are available at You may also request a regular absentee ballot by using the federal postcard application (FPCA), available at A regular ballot can be mailed, faxed or emailed to you. You may return the FWAB or a regular absentee ballot by mail, secure fax (1-919-715-0351) or email (


Marking a Federal Write-in Absentee Ballot:

When marking a FWAB, for each office for which you wish to vote, write in either a candidate’s name or political party designation. For ballot measures or referenda, write either “YES” (you are for the ballot measure or referendum) or “NO” (you are against the ballot measure or referendum). In a primary, if you are registered as Democrat, Republican or Libertarian, for partisan contests, you may only vote for the candidates of the party for which you are affiliated. You are also eligible to vote for non-partisan contests. If you are registered as unaffiliated (“independent”), in a primary, you may choose to vote for the partisan contests of one of the parties or you may choose to vote for non-partisan contests only. Please contact your local board of elections to confirm your party affiliation or voter registration status.


Please check the website for the NC State Board of Elections ( for additional information on military-overseas absentee voting.

Board of Commissioners Meeting Recap – November 20, 2023

Posted November 21, 2023



The Granville County Board of Commissioners held a regular meeting on Monday, November 20 at the Granville County Convention and Expo Center. The meeting was highlighted by a check presentation from Representative Frank Sossamon (NC District 32 – Granville/Vance) and Representative Matthew Winslow (NC District 7 – Granville/Franklin) recognizing the previously announced economic development appropriation in the 2023-2024 North Carolina budget for site development at the Triangle North Business Park in Oxford.


The Board of Commissioners also continued a public hearing that began on October 16 to consider an update to the county’s Land Development Code (LDC) concerning changes to regulations for rural cluster subdivisions. After substantial input from many members of the public and intensive staff analysis by the Planning and Zoning department at the October 16 and November 20 meetings, the Board of Commissioners unanimously approved the proposed changes to the LDC. The primary modifications to the existing ordinance will be increasing the minimum lot size for rural cluster subdivisions to 40,000 square feet (from the current 12,000), increasing the minimum lot width to 80 feet (from the current 60), and increasing the street and side setbacks to 50 feet and 15 feet (from the current 25 feet and 7.5 feet). This change to the LDC will have no effect on the existing regulations for conventional major subdivisions, family subdivisions, or minor subdivisions (less than 10 lots).


The Board also held a quasi-judicial hearing to consider an appeal from Power Church regarding a religious tax exemption that was denied by the Tax Administrator for property adjacent to the church’s parsonage near Stem. The Tax Administrator approved the church’s exemption application for the parsonage and the associated acreage but determined that the taxpayer did not provide adequate proof that the adjacent property is exclusively used for religious purposes. The Board of Commissioners voted to continue the public hearing on December 4, 2023, to allow the taxpayer the opportunity to provide additional evidence.


The Board of Commissioners also received updates on other matters and conducted the following business:


– Received information about the updated Jail Health Plan developed by the Sheriff’s Office, Granville-Vance Public Health, and Southern Health Partners. The final document will be considered for approval at the December 4, 2023, meeting.

– Received an update from Sheriff Fountain on crime statistics and trends in Granville County and on current staffing levels at the agency.

– Adopted the Schedules, Standards, and Rules for Real Property and Present Use Value for the 2024 Revaluation. The full document is available to view at the Tax Administration Office (141 Williamsboro Street, Oxford) or online at this link:

– Approved the purchase of replacement outdoor dog kennels at the Animal Shelter at a cost of $23,689.96.

– Appointed Jennifer Currin to the Animal Control Advisory Committee.

– Approved the updated roster for the Opioid Advisory Committee.

– Approved tax refunds totaling $1,327.33, releases totaling $649.23, and write-offs totaling $2.56.

– Approved meeting minutes from June 5, 2023, June 6, 2023, and September 5, 2023.


The next meeting of the Granville County Board of Commissioners is scheduled for Monday, December 4 at 7:00 p.m. at the Granville County Convention and Expo Center.


To stay informed about upcoming meetings of the Board of Commissioners, visit the Granville County website where you can sign up for the “Sunshine List” and follow the county on Facebook.

Board of Elections Meeting Notice – November 20, 2023

Posted November 17, 2023


The Granville County Board of Elections will meet in the Board of Elections office at 8:30 a.m. on Monday, November 20, 2023 to conduct a recount for the City of Oxford Commissioner race between Scotty Brooks and John Tovey.  A recount request was received from Scotty Brooks and the Granville County Board of Elections has determined that he is eligible for a recount.   

Board of Commissioners Meeting Notice – November 20, 2023

Posted November 17, 2023


The Granville County Board of Commissioners will meet at the Granville Expo & Convention Center, 4185 Highway 15, Oxford, NC on Monday, November 20, 2023 at 7:00 p.m. for the regular scheduled meeting.   A copy of the agenda can be found at this link.


Any questions should be directed to Debra Weary, Clerk to the Board, at 919-603-1307 or emailed to 

Board of Elections Meeting Notice – Friday, November 17

Posted November 16, 2023


The Granville County Board of Elections will meet in the Board of Elections office at 10:00 a.m. on Friday, November 17, 2023 at 10:00 a.m. to conduct a challenge hearing. 


The Granville County Board of Elections will meet in the Board of Elections office at 11:00 a.m. on November 17, 2023 to canvass the November 7, 2023 municipal election.

Fall Clean Out Event – Saturday, November 18

Posted November 15, 2023


Join us on Saturday, November 18 for the hazardous household waste clean-out event.
Bring any household items listed below from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. to the Granville County Convention and Expo Center (4185 US Highway 15, Oxford) to be safely recycled or disposed of.
Note the traffic pattern shown in the aerial map below. All traffic will enter from the United Tobacco Company side of the Expo Center and exit through the typical driveway point on the north side of the facility.
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