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Discover a variety of activities, groups, and organizations to fit your interests and hobbies. Granville is home to residents of all ages, from young singles and growing families to active retirees, and the recreational opportunities reflect this diverse population. 

•  Access to five lakes including Kerr Lake, Lake Rogers, Lake Holt, and Lake Devin;

•  Youth athletics managed by municipal and association programming; 

•  Adult athletics including fitness programs for seniors; and

•  Over 30 community and civic groups that encourage service and fellowship.

The County Board of Commissioners provides financial support for recreation facilities and programs within its borders; funding for recreation programming is provided directly to the City of Oxford and an equal amount is distributed to municipalities and organizations in Southern Granville County. In addition to providing funding, the County owns and operates two recreation facilities. Click on the links in the right navigation pane to learn more about Wilton Slopes and the Granville Athletic Park (GAP) which even features a Spray Park.  

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