Recreation & Facility Rentals

Granville County Expo & Convention Center
4185 US Hwy 15 South, Oxford
(919) 603-1308

The Expo Center is the perfect location to host a corporate event, organization meeting, reception, craft show, etc.  The facility features an auditorium and meeting room equipped with a projector and wall-mounted retractable screens, wireless microphones, and free public WiFi.  In addition, a kitchen, lobby area, and restrooms make the facility perfect for any occasion.  

For more information about renting the Granville County Expo and Convention Center, click here or call the Granville County Administration office at (919) 603-1308.  


Granville Athletic Park (GAP)
4615 Belltown Road, Oxford

(919) 693-3716

The GAP offers an array of outdoor amenities including walking trails and playground areas open to the public from sunrise to sunset year-round.  The park is also the home of a variety of rental facilities including baseball/softball/soccer fields, a picnic shelter, large pavilion, and even an amphitheater!  The Splashpad park is available for a small fee to single users or for group reservation. 

For more information about renting facilities or fields at the GAP, click here or call the park at (919) 693-3716.  

Practice Field $10/per 1 ½ hr  
½ Soccer Field $15/per 1 ½ hr  
Soccer, Baseball, Softball Field or Basketball Goals $25/per 1 ½ hr  

Lighted Baseball/Softball/Soccer 

Non Resident rates are two times the posted residential rates


  Half Day Full Day
Picnic Shelter $50.00 $100.00
Sports Pavilion $150.00 $250.00
Amphitheater $100.00 $200.00


Splashpad Available by appointment (Tue-Sat 10am-12pm)$50.00/hr Group Rentals

Open to General Public (Tue-Sun 12pm-5pm) $1.00 per person

Splashpad is open between Memorial Day and Labor Day at the days and time specified above.

Tournament information:

Tournament Rental is Friday 5pm -10pm, Saturday 8am-10pm and Sundays 1pm-10pm. Additional time is billed at the resident rate for specific field type. $100.00 per field/per day

Special Note

1.    Sound System Rental including setup is available for $100.00

2.    Field Rentals are based on 1.5 hours of rental use

3.    Half day rental is less than 5 hours, full day rentals is 5 hours or more during the day.

4.    Tournament rates include; field lights if applicable, baseball/softball fields lined once each day baseball/softball drag once each day, and one conference room.

5.    Additional baseball/softball drag and/or lining is available at a rate of $25.00 per field






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