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The City of Oxford has several recreational facilities along with an established recreation program offering a variety of activities. The information for the following inventory has been provided by Oxford’s Parks & Recreation Department.

 Granville Street Park

Park Type:  Neighborhood Park

Location:  Granville Street and Mimosa Street in Oxford

Size:  6.5 Acres

Facilities:  Tennis Court, Play Court, Sand Volleyball Court, Small Play Ground, Block One Room Building, 4 Picnic Tables, 2 Acres Open Space.

Granville Street Park is a small neighborhood park that offers a variety of activities.  This park is closely nestled in a lower middle class/lower income neighborhood.  Poor design, disrepair, and inappropriate activities prompted re-design and renovation in 2015.  The playground area was expanded, landscaping and shade trees included, an outdoor court converted to a play area, and a one room block building was renovated for use for youth groups. The park was made ADA compliant at that time.  The plan is to begin after-school activities in the Youth Center in 2016. 

Rucker Park

Park Type:  Community Park

Location:  Old 75 (Providence Rd.) in Oxford

Size:  14 Acres

Facilities:  Pool and Bathhouse, Basketball Courts, One Softball Field, Shelter, Small Nature Trail    

Rucker Park is a 14 acre park located outside of the City limits approximately 3 miles from the center of town.  It has one lap lane and open swim area pool with bathhouse, two full paved basketball courts, one softball field, and a shelter.  Renovation of this park occurred many years ago with the use of LWCF monies. Basketball courts have been resurfaced but the site remains unattractive. The softball field was renovated in 2014-15 to restore adult softball programs that had declined along with the field’s condition.  The shelter was replaced in 2014 and picnic tables are scheduled to be added in 2015-16.  This park, though well maintained, is somewhat unattractive because of its age and also because the City’s old water treatment plant is located on the site with its grounds poorly maintained and the building having been vandalized over time. 

Hix Recreation Complex

Park Type:  Neighborhood Park

Location:  Spring Street and Williamsboro Street in Oxford

Size:  11 Acres

Facilities:  Gymnasium, Multi-Use Field/Baseball/Softball, Playground, Tennis Courts, Skate Park, Outdoor Basketball, Shelter

Oxford Recreation Complex, better known as “Hix”, was at one time owned by the school system and is located in the center of town with City Hall that was previously the high school.  Renovation of the fields for public recreational purposes was completed in the 80’s.  Further improvements have been made within the past 7 years with some work having been done to the gymnasium and fields to improve quality and appearance.  A play ground with a shelter was constructed, one batting cage, two tennis courts rebuilt and re-lighted, a small skate park and one full basketball court constructed. This facility is heavily used in that it is the main park for organized recreation programming and its location. This property is extremely congested with limited parking which creates inconveniences and safety concerns.  The gymnasium is small and old, with only one playing surface and minimal seating. The gymnasium is receiving new insulation, LED lighting, and a solid synthetic flex flooring system in 2015-16.  Plumbing and heating/air problems continue to need addressing.  A bathhouse with restrooms was recently added to the playground area.

Lake Devin Park

Park Type:  Natural Resource Area/Community Park

Location:  Lake Devin Road in Oxford

Size: 8 Acres

Facilities:  Shelter, Cabin, Boat Ramp, Rest Room, Cabin Office, Nature Trails

The Lake Devin Park site is approximately an 8 acre site located on Lake Devin.  Lake Devin was previously the City’s source of drinking water and is a 198 acre body of water maintained as pristine, protected by City ordinances and under extensive management by the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission.  The park site was built in the early 90’s allowing access for fishing by non-gas operated boats.  A picnic shelter and small bathhouse were included in the project.  Approximately 2.5 miles of nature trails with educational signage surround the lake.  Over the past 5 years additional access to the public for fishing and education has been encouraged by the construction of two fishing piers with handicapped accessibility, ordinance changes to allow bank fishing, and the addition of a cabin for educational programming.  Trails have been damaged over the years by storms and though some clearing has been done, trails are not well maintained nor well used.  A relatively primitive boat ramp allows access only to boats that draw 8” or less of water. Ample space for parking exists but poor layout and erosion limits full access.

Red Barn

Park Type:  Natural Resource Area/Special Use Park

Location:   Golf Course Road on Lake Devin in Oxford

Size:    9 Acres

Facilities:  Barn and Block Kitchen Rest Room w/Decks

The Red Barn is located on Lake Devin.  It was previously an actual barn for livestock and was renovated in the early 90’s for public use.  The barn is adjoined to a block building with rest rooms and a kitchen area by a large deck overlooking Lake Devin.  Minimal parking and opened space make this park an extremely popular location for small gatherings, retreats, training, and educational programming.  The facility was renovated in 2014 and the facility is used regularly for family reunions, parties and weddings. It has a capacity of 80 people in the barn and features a non-commercial prep and service kitchen area for use during events. It is also the location of the second fishing pier on the Lake

Oxford Park Athletic Complex

Park Type:  Sport Complex

Location:   Horner Siding Road in Oxford

Size:  23.5 Acres

Facilities:  4 Little League/Fast Pitch Fields, 2 Full Size Football/Soccer Fields,   Field Amenities (Bleachers, Benches Etc.), 1 Covered Tot Lot, 1/2 Mile Stone Trail, 240 Parking Spaces, 1 Two Story Concession/Restroom Building with Observation/Meeting Space, 1 Small Concession/Restroom Building, 1 Storage Building/Press Box, 1 Maintenance Building, 2 Batting Cages w/Soft Toss Nets,  3 Acres Open Space, 8 Benches Along Trails, 6 Picnic Tables w/ Umbrellas, 200 Shade Trees, Storm Water Retention Area with Natural Habitat Exhibition.

Oxford Park Athletic Complex, including the “Diamonds at Oxford Park”, was completed in Spring of 2009.  Located a mere 1.3 miles from the City Hall area, this complex is out of the City traffic, yet easily accessible.  It is situated in a rural setting surrounded predominantly by farmland yet located next to a high-density suburban neighborhood.  This facility was built to exemplary specifications in order to recruit and host athletic events and tournaments for an economical boost while also meeting the local needs for recreational youth athletic programs.  The facility is heavily used from early March through mid- November with thousands of visitors each year.     

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