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Butner provides a wide variety of facilities for citizens. Several of these facilities were inherited when Butner incorporated several years ago. Within the past few years, the Town has also developed a new multi-purpose facility now known as Butner Athletic Park. The Butner Parks & Recreation staff provided the information for the following inventory:


Butner Athletic Park (BAP)

 Park Type: Sports Complex

Location: 1105 West B Street in Butner

Size: 34.8 acres

Facilities: Baseball, softball and soccer fields, meeting room, concessions room, restrooms, playgrounds, and picnic areas

The main purpose of the Butner Athletic Park is to provide facilities for all ages to play t-ball, baseball and softball, have a safe place to walk, bicycle and run, and a facility to play soccer or football. The park has three ball fields close together in a cloverleaf pattern with a centrally located building for concessions, restrooms, and a meeting room. Two of the ball fields are high school baseball regulation size with moveable mounds and temporary fencing so they may be used by all ages. The third field is a high school regulation softball size field with moveable pitch plates which may also be used for little league teams. Adjacent to the ball fields and building is a soccer field with enough room to accommodate multiple age groups. The walking trail goes around the perimeter of the site with handicap-accessible paths between the ball fields and building. This design provides opportunities to host tournaments as well as accommodate families with children of different ages and special events.


Lake Holt Recreation Area

 Park Type: Natural Resource Area

Location: 1200 Lake Holt Road in Butner

Size: 10.7 acres

Facilities: Picnic shelter, fishing pier, boat docks, building with restrooms, snack bar, and tackle shop

Lake Holt was impounded in 1965 to supply water to the State of North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and other local governments. The lake is approximately 385 acres in size and has been stocked with a variety of game fish for the general public to enjoy. A new dock and fishing pier were installed in May 2015. A lakeside 800 square foot building is used as a tackle shop, snack bar and restrooms.

Adjacent to the tackle shop is a brand new two lane boat ramp. There is nearby parking and 10 enclosed boat slips which may be rented during the fishing season. In addition, there are 13 picnic tables and one picnic shelter with 8 picnic tables available to the public. In addition to the lake itself, the town owns approximately 10 acres adjacent to the lake on which these facilities are located.

Lake Holt opens each spring in March and closes around the end of November. The lake is used by the general public for fishing and relaxation. The picnic tables and shelter are used for relaxation and small gatherings. Due to its primary use as a water reservoir, there is no swimming permitted at the lake.


D Street Ball Field

 Park Type: Sports Field

Location: 106 East D Street

Size: 3.4 acres

Facilities: Baseball field, concessions and restrooms

The D Street Ball Field was built in 1942 to serve as a recreational facility for Camp Butner. The ball field is approximately four acres in size. Since that time, the field has been used by many different agencies, schools and churches. The ball field was constructed to play high school baseball and includes dugouts for home and away teams, concessions and restrooms.


Gazebo Park

 Park Type: Town Park

Location: 416 Central Avenue in Butner

Size: 2.4 acres

Facilities: Gazebo, park benches, playground and swings, open grass lawns, open non-regulation size basketball court

Gazebo Park is a neighborhood park used for passive recreation which includes a gazebo, park benches, a playground with a slide, swings, an outdoor non-regulation size basketball court, and open grass lawns. The park is used by all age groups and by parents who pick their children up from the adjoining elementary school. This park is also popular for non-profit fundraisers, yard sales and private events such as birthday parties and weddings. Yard sales are allowed every Saturday when there is not a special event at the park and anyone may purchase a $20.00 space to sell items. The park is approximately 2.4 acres in size and has a paved horseshoe shaped drive providing access to Central Avenue. This park is also used to access a greenway that joins the Butner-Stem Elementary and Middle Schools.


 Soldiers Memorial Sports Arena (SMSA)

 Park Type: Special Use Facility

Location: 416 24th Street in Butner

Size: Approximately 26,000 square foot building on a 32 acre site

Facilities: Basketball courts, volleyball courts, restrooms, and meeting rooms

The SMSA was built in 1942 as part of the Camp Butner recreational facilities. This arena consists of three full basketball/volleyball courts, two scoreboards, restrooms, and several adjoining meeting rooms. This building has many of its original features that make it very unique and historical in nature. It has a unique structural design which sets it a part from other gymnasiums. The complex roof truss system is designed to prevent collapse if it were to be hit by a bomb dropped from a plane. It is said that this is one of the two original military gymnasium buildings of this design left standing in the United States.

Currently, the South Granville Athletic Association (SGAA) handles programming for the youth basketball, volleyball and wrestling teams in the area. The SMSA is also used by many seniors in the area as a safe indoor place to walk. There is a wide variety of uses to be balanced such as seniors coming to walk, youth athletics, weekend basketball tournaments, community events like the Town’s Veterans Day Ceremony, and private events such as birthday parties, weddings and awards ceremonies.


Town of Butner Game Lands

 Park Type: Natural Resource Area

Location: End of West D Street in Butner

Size: 750 acres

Facilities: Natural and Wooded

During the Town’s incorporation, the Town acquired a 750 acre tract of land that is entirely wooded. This tract of land has been participating in the NC Wildlife Game Lands program for archery hunting for the past 10+ years. This tract is part of the 10,000 acre Falls Lake Game Lands, the largest in North Carolina. This tract of land has been very popular for archery hunters who do not have to compete with firearms hunters. They get to hunt in a more natural and undisturbed environment. The Town may consider other recreational opportunities that could be compatible with archery hunting such as equestrian and walking trails.


Butner Cedar Glade

 Park Type: Natural Resource Area

Location: 1801 B West Street in Butner

Size: 6 acres

Facilities: Nature Park (Permit required for access)

Butner Cedar Glade is a Plant Conservation Preserve which is available for pre-scheduled guided tours. In 2012, ownership and stewardship of the site was transferred to the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (NCDA&CS) Plant Conservation Program. This six acre property is unique due to the rocks that underlay the site and the many rare plants that grow there. More information can be found at the NCDA&CS website at along with information to request a field trip to the site.


East Lyon Station Greenway

 Park Type: Multi-Use Trail

Location: East Lyon Station Road in Butner

Length: 1.02 miles

Facilities: Multi-Use Trail

This trail runs along East Lyon Station Road from the Food Lion Shopping Center to Telecom Drive in Butner. The first 0.6 mile phase has been built and the second phase is being designed. A multi-use path leading from the end of Pond Drive at the Granville Oaks Apartment complex connects to the first phase of this greenway. The second phase will connect even more businesses on East Lyon Station Road and nearby areas to the Food Lion Shopping Center and businesses located on NC Hwy 56. The length of both phases will be approximately 1.02 miles and if the length of the Pond Drive greenway (0.41 miles ) is added, the total multi-use path length is 1.43 miles.


Butner-Stem School Greenway and Sidewalk

 Park Type: Sidewalk and Multi-Use Trail

Location: D Street; between Butner-Stem Elementary and Middle Schools

Length: 1.3 miles

Facilities: Paved and sidewalk trails and rest benches

The greenway trail was completed in 2007. It connects both schools, the middle school baseball/softball field and to the sidewalk. The sidewalk was completed in 2013 and provides a safe place to walk for students attending Butner-Stem Elementary and Middle Schools as well as members of the community. The sidewalk was installed along D Street from Central Avenue to 24th Street and along 24th Street to connect with the Soldiers Memorial Sports Arena.


Central Avenue Sidewalk

 Park Type: Sidewalk Trail

Location: Central Avenue in Butner

Length: 0.85 mile

Facilities: Sidewalk

This sidewalk was a two-phase project. The first phase was completed in 2011 from G Street to the State Employees Credit Union. The second phase was completed in 2015, continuing from the credit union down to B Street.


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