General FAQs

Do I come to your office to apply for WIC?
No. To apply for WIC, visit the Granville County Health Department located at:

Granville-Vance Public Health
101 Hunt Drive
Oxford, N.C. 27565
Phone: (919) 693-2141

Can I apply for Medicare at DSS?
No. To apply for Medicare you must contact the Social Security Office.

Can I get a worker’s permit at DSS?
 No. For more information click here.

When can I sign up for Holiday assistance?
We typically take applications for Holiday assistance in the month of October. Please call (919) 693-1511 for exact dates.

How do apply for employment with DSS?
A North Carolina State Government Application for Employment must be completed and submitted, along with high school transcripts, to NC Works (formerly ESC) at:

NC Works
111 Hilltop Village
Oxford, NC 27565

Applicants must complete both the application and continuation page. Applications are only accepted when there is a vacancy. To view vacancies, visit Granville County Human Resources’ here.

How do I get a referral to a local church or charity?
Come to Granville County DSS and sign up for Emergency Assistance.  Bring the bill/final notice and other relevant information.  If DSS is unable to help you, your caseworker will refer you to another agency that may best suit your needs.

What is your FAX #?
(919) 603-5090 – 1st Floor:  Day Care, CIP, EA, Transportation and Reception
(919) 693-1106 – 2nd Floor: Economic Services, Intake and Administration
(919) 693-3347 – 3rd Floor:  CPS, Foster Care & Adult Services; Adult Medicaid, Family & Children Medicaid and Work First
(919) 693-0663 – Child Support



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