Honor Guard

The Honor Guard personnel exemplifies the high standards and professionalism that the Sheriff’s Office requires of its employees. Members of the Honor Guard represent the best and brightest officers. The Honor Guard’s first priority is to provide funeral honors and pay respects to fallen Officers and their families, both active duty and retired.

The Honor Guard also represents the Sheriff’s Office by presenting the County Colors at Academy graduations, parades, public ceremonies, civic organization, and public activities.

McGruff the Crime Dog

McGruff the Crime Dog is a national hero, well known by all ages. He is also a local spokes-dog for the Sheriff’s Office. McGruff’s goal is to bring a higher awareness to the fight against crime, teaching children (and adults) about drugs, bullying, safety and the importance of staying in school. “Take a bite out of crime!”

McGruff the Crime Dog of the Granville County Sheriff’s Office attends parades, schools, churches, community and public events, when requested.

Visit McGruff the Crime Dog at his website:


Safe Kids North Carolina

Granville County Sheriff’s Office is involved in the Safe Kids North Carolina program. Safe Kids North Carolina works to prevent unintentional childhood injury, the leading cause of death and disability for children ages birth to 14.

Safe Kids North Carolina offers programs involving media events and hands-on educational activities for children and their families with the aim of getting communities across the country more involved in the safety of their children.

For more information about the Safe Kids North Carolina program contact the Granville County Sheriff’s Office at 919-693-3213.

For more information and safety tips on keeping children safe visit Safe Kids North Carolina’s website at:

Safe Kids North Carolina is part of the worldwide Safe Kids program. Their fact sheet can be downloaded at

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