Citizens Academy

The Granville County Sheriff’s
Office is proud to have completed
its first “Citizens Academy” pro-
gram, established to build a better
understanding between law
enforcement, the community and
local residents. Through a series of
classroom presentations and community involvement, “Citizens Academy” provided a general overview of current law enforcement issues, patrol procedures, criminal investigations and crime prevention.

Thirteen participants graduated from the Summer/Fall 2021 Citizens Academy, meeting each Tuesday evening at the Law Enforcement Center Training room. Graduates of the program included Sue Hinman, Garnet Drakiotes, Billy Mickle, Teresia Blackwell, Kimberly Adcock. Robert Blancato. Faicia Elliott, Linda Clough, Annette Myers, Donna Mickle, Renata Thornton, Erica Harris, and James Eden.

The Academy is open to all persons age 21 and older. For more information, please call 919-693-3213 or click here for a downloadable brochure and application.


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