Adoptable Animals

Granville County Animal Management has partnered with “PetFinder” to list adoptable animals online. 

“PetFinder” is an internet-based, searchable database of animals who need forever homes. It is also a directory of nearly 11,000 animal shelters and pet adoption organizations. The mission is to increase public awareness about the availability of adoptable pets and to elevate the status of pets to that of a “family member.”

The Granville County Animal Shelter asks that when adopting a pet, veterinarian appointments are scheduled for a wellness examine, microchip implant, and spay or neuter. We also ask that all animals adopted from Granville County comply with all local, state, and federal animal related laws.

Listings of adoptable pets are updated daily. To view adoptable animals from the Granville County Animal Shelter, please click here.





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