Opioid Advisory Committee

Name Organization Original Appointment Term Expires
Andre Oakley Sheriff’s Office 2021 2023
David Yancey Law Enforcement 2018 2023
Michael Felts County Administration 2018 2023
Jimmy Gooch Commissioner 2020 2023
Russ May Commissioner 2020 2023
Tim Karan Commissioner 2018 2023
Bobby Wheeler Pharmacy 2018 2023
John Snow Granville Health 2018 2023
Ben Mastridge Behavioral Health 2022 2023
Scott Phillips Family Member 2021 2023
Elliott Clark Vaya Health 2019 2023
Danielle Harris Drug Free Coalition 2019 2023
Terry Hobgood County Administration 2022 2023

The Granville County Opioid Advisory Committee engages in shared leadership and collective action to advance a comprehensive response to opioid and other drug use and the harmful impacts on the community by prioritizing and removing barriers to proven prevention, treatment, and harm reduction strategies, mobilizing existing resources, advise on and advocate for new programs, and encouraging informed and healthy community attitudes. 

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