Human Relations Commission


About the HRC

The Human Relations Commission has been established to encourage understanding and good will between all citizens regardless of race, sex, religion, creed, nationality, or economic status, and thus promote the general welfare of the community.  The Commission is to report and to recommend to the Board of Commissioners Human Relations Programs designed to promote the welfare of the community; to identify Human Relations concerns within the community which could jeopardize the welfare of the community; to act as an impartial public forum to the end that there will be better communications between all segments of the community and; to promote peace, understanding, respect, good will and harmony among all citizens.  Upon the prior approval of the Board of Commissioners, the Commission may sponsor meetings or forums intended to lead all citizens to a clearer understanding of true meaning of responsible citizenship in the community, of the obligations inherent in being a good citizen, and of the need for mutual understanding and respect by all citizens for each other. The Commission shall have the authority to create and devise Human Relations Programs for recommendation to the Governing Body.

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