Kerr-Tar Private Industry Council/Workforce Development Board

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Name District Original Appointment Term Expires
Tana Chamberlain Private Industry 2021 2025
Hal Muetzel Private Industry 2014 2024
Allen Winston Private Industry 2020 2024
William Betts Private Industry 2023 2024
Sara Lloyd Education 2017 2023
Rob Williford Commissioner 2023  
Phillip Betts Community Organization 2006 2023
Gordon Agingu Vocational Rehabilitation 2007 2023
Monica Satterwhite Workforce Solutions 2011 2023
Norman Wilson Labor Organization 2020 2024

It is the responsibility of the council to provide policy guidance for and exercise oversight with respect to the design and implementation of activities under the job training plan for its service delivery area.  The Council, shall determine procedures for the development of the job training plan, which may provide for the preparation of all or any part of the plan by such other methods or institutions as may be provided in such agreement; and select as a grant recipient an entity to administer the job training authorized to provide oversight of the programs conducted under the job training plan in accordance with procedures established in the CEO/PIC Agreement.  In order to carry out this paragraph, the Council shall have access to such information concerning the operations of such programs as is necessary.

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