Juvenile Crime Prevention Council (JCPC)

Function: Assess the needs of youth in Granville County giving particular attention to the needs of status offenders on a continuing basis. Assist the County in planning and administering community based alternatives to training schools and delinquency prevention programs. Publicize the needs of the County and the efforts being made to meet these needs. Evaluate programs developed by this Task Force for effectiveness and continued needs.

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Name District Original Appointment Term Expires
Leroy Anderson 1    
Alex Fonvielle 2    
Elliott Carver 3    
Tolokun Omokunde 4    
Jessica Laws 5    
Ed Sosa 6    
Hope Pittman 7    
Tina Cheek Parks and Rec    
Vacant Health Department    
Vacant Business Community    
Katherine Burnette District Court    
Gina Reyman Legal Aid    
Vacant Youth Rep    
Vacant Youth Rep    
Rob Williford Commissioner    
Alvin Downing Faith Community    
Yolando Oxendine Substance Abuse Professional    
Jenelle Brizendine Families Living Violence Free    
Samantha Branch Guardian Ad Litem    
Vacant District Attorney’s Office    
LaToya Toussaint Social Services    
Laquitia Cozart Vaya Health    
Nicole Grant Court Counselor    
Benji Laws Sheriff’s Office    
Troy Willis Chief of Police    
LaJuana Norfleet Granville County Public Schools    
Eddie Crews NC Dept. of Public Safety    
Melissa Averett JCPC Coordinator    
Drew Cummings County Manager    

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