Granville Health System Board of Trustees

The purpose of the Board of Trustees shall be to determine hospital policies with relation to community needs. To see that proper professional standards are maintained. To coordinate professional interest of the hospital with administrative, financial and community needs. To direct the Chief Executive Officer of the hospital in carrying out policies. To provide adequate financing and control of expenditures.

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Name District Original Appointment Term Expires
David Smith 2 2012 2022
Randall Byrd Hospital Staff 2014 2023
James Lumpkins 2 2019 2024
James Blaine 5 (appointed by 3) 2018 2024
Bobby Wheeler 5 2021 2024
Zelodis Jay 1 2006 2023
Dawn Omokunde 4 2017 2022
Timothy Karan 6 2011 2023
Tony Cozart 4 2020 2023
Jimmy Gooch 7 2020 2023
Joseph Zola Chief of Medical Staff    
John Snow Chief Executive Officer    

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