Parks, Greenways and Recreation Advisory Committee

It shall be the duty of this Advisory Committee to plan and recommend to the Board of Commissioners actions necessary to provide an adequate and complete system of parks, greenways, and recreation facilities and programming which meet the needs of Granville County citizens.

The Advisory Committee will also recommend guidelines, procedures and the funding of applications for the Granville County Mini-Grant Program, as well as carrying out the directions of the Governing Body and/or County Manager regarding the provision of Parks, Greenways, and Recreation services in Granville County.

No member of the Advisory Committee shall incur any financial liability in the name of Granville County.

Name District Original Appointment Term Expires
Reginald Royster 1 2023 2025
David Fellerath 2 2023 2025
Glenda Williams 3 2019 2025
Marvin Davis 4 2023 2025
Joshua Averette 5 2019 2025
Ivan Washburn 6 2019 2025
Michael McFadden 7 2019 2025
April Shaeffer At-large 2021 2025
Sandra Bowden At-large 2023 2025
Richard Rote At-large 2019 2025
Cynthia Ratliff At-large 2023 2025
Sue Hinman Commissioner    
Tim Karan Commissioner    
Raymond Allen Parks and Grounds    
Angela Allen Tourism    
Michael Williford Town of Stovall    
Madeline Galliano Kerr-Tar COG    
Korena Weichel County Administration    
Carlton Thornton Planning/Zoning    

For more information about this Advisory Committee, please click here: Parks, Greenways, and Recreation Advisory Committee 










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