Emergency Assistance FAQs


How often am I eligible for Emergency Assistance?
Households are potentially eligible for Emergency Assistance once every twelve months.

What kind of bills does Emergency Assistance pay?
EA pays for rent, water and electric if a family is in danger of eviction or disconnection.  Emergency Assistance may also be used to pay for deposits for rent, water or electric bills.

What options do I have if Emergency Assistance is unable to help me?
Your caseworker can try to negotiate extensions or payment plans with your landlord or utility company.  The caseworker can also refer you to an outside agency that might be able to help meet your needs.

Where do I apply for Emergency Assistance if I am moving to Granville County?
You need to visit your local Department of Social Services to apply for assistance.  Granville County can only assist if you are a current resident of the County.

Where do I apply for E.A. if I am moving out of Granville County?
Apply at Granville County DSS if you are a current resident seeking assistance with moving to another County.


To learn more about Emergency Assistance, click here.
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