Guardianship/Representative Payee/Case Management

Guardianship: This is where another individual or agency is assigned to represent an adult who is deemed legally incompetent. Granville Co. DSS provides this service, and also assists interested and able family members to become the legal guardian of a loved one who is in need of this service. Being a guardian does not require that the adult live with you, only that you make the legal decisions for that person when he/she can no longer do so.

Representative Payee: This service allows for Granville DSS staff to assume responsibility over another person’s money management – usually just Social Security/SSI and Disability funds when there are no other willing/able family or friends to do so. We also make referrals to other agencies that provide this service.

Case Management: This service provides assistance to adults in need of linkage and referral, service planning and monitoring of those services, and advocacy.







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