Mercury Recycling

Business and Commercial Information for Mercury Product Recycling in Granville County

* Please note that the Granville County Convenience Center mercury recycling program is for Residents ONLY. No business or commercially-generated waste is accepted.

Please use the following resources to recycle universal waste items such as:  ballasts, and fluorescent tubes/bulbs, and thermostats


Cleanlites Recycling, Inc.

Spartanburg, SC Recycling Facility

195 Ben Abi Road

Spartanburg, SC 29307

P: (864) 579-4800

F: (864) 579-4802


Southeast Recycling Tech, Inc.

906 Chase Dr.

Johnson City, TN 37604

P: (423) 282-2022 or 800-592-3970

F: (423) 282-5151


Wall-mounted thermostat recycling

Thermostat Recycling Corporation
1765 Duke Street
Alexandria, VA 22314

P: 1-888-266-0550



Lamp Master

P: 1-(888)-470-4835

Step 1: Order

Browse our products online, add items to your cart seamlessly. One price pays for shipping both ways and responsible recycling.

Step 2: Pack

Pack your items according to federal safety procedures, comprehensive instructions are included with every package and also downloadable from our website.

Step 3: Ship

Schedule a pickup with FedEx online or by calling. The pre-paid return label is included in your order! After you ship, you can elect to have boxes automatically re-sent to any location.

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