The primary function of Transportation Planning is to collect and analyze transportation data, identify and evaluate the needs of Granville County, evaluate and submit projects for the possible inclusion in the North Carolina State Transportation Improvement Program., and to coordinate efforts with the municipalities in Granville County to create a long range Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP).  The Transportation Planning Department works closely with other local planning agencies such as The Kerr-Tar Rural Planning Organization, the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization and NCDOT.


Another focus of Transportation Planning is to implement the Greenway Master Plan that was adopted by Granville County and its municipalities in 2006.  Granville County is currently working on a joint planning effort to create a greenways network.  This network will connect Granville County’s natural, historic, and scenic landscapes, as well as our cultural and recreational sites.  Greenways can be a tool for conserving natural resources, extending opportunities for outdoor recreation, and even providing the means to walk and bike to community destinations.  The Granville County Transportation Planner coordinates  county wide Greenways effort and works closely with all the municipalities throughout the county.

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