Reporting an Allegation

Reporting an Allegation of Fraud, Waste, and/or Abuse

Who should report?

GRANVILLE COUNTY EMPLOYEES’ who have direct knowledge of or is aware of fraud, waste or abuse of Granville County resources.

What Can I Report?

The Granville County AlertLine is for reporting any suspected fraud, misconduct, or abuse by Granville County employees, contractors, and/or vendors related to Granville County government’s departments or operations.

Why should I report?

Because tax dollars help to support and fund the operations of Granville County government and taxpayers deserve government to be honest, effective, and efficient. One way to accomplish this is for you to report any suspicious activity to the AlertLine. 

Please do not assume that there are others who know of or have reported the issue. It is up to you! Even if suspicious or documented fraud, waste or abuse has already been reported, your report may offer further information to assist.

What details should be reported?

It is important that you can provide as much detailed information as possible so that your report can be properly investigated. Your report should include:

  • WHO – Who are the individuals responsible for and who is aware of the improper activity?
  • WHAT – What is the improper activity? Is there documentation that substantiates the reported improper activity?
  • WHERE – Where did the improper activity occur; within a County department or elsewhere?  Where can the investigator locate the individual(s) involved or who have information about the activity?  Where can an investigator find documents or other evidence related to the activity?
  • WHEN – When did the activity occur? When did you discover it? Is it still occurring?
  • WHY – Why did the activity occur? Did the activity benefit those involved?
  • HOW – How was the activity able to occur? Were controls circumvented that allowed the activity to occur?

What should not be reported?

The AlertLine is reserved for reporting instances of fraud, waste, and/or abuse within Granville County government operations and its related departments. It is not intended for:

  • private businesses
  • other non-governmental entities; unless related to Granville County government
  • other local governments, such as municipalities or townships, unless related to Granville County government

If something reported is found to be not within the authority of the Internal Auditor’s Office to investigate, it will be referred to the appropriate agency or authorities as necessary.  Most importantly, please make sure that the allegation of fraud, waste or abuse of Granville County resources you report is as accurate and truthful as possible.  Do not intentionally report false or misleading information. 

Can I remain anonymous or be kept confidential?

You can remain anonymous; you do not have to provide your name when you report.  However, please be aware that we will not be able to contact you if additional information is required relative to your reported allegation of fraud, waste or abuse, which may limit any ensuing investigation. If you decide to identify yourself, the Internal Auditor’s Office will not knowingly disclose any information that would identify you without your express permission, unless required by law.  If you still wish to remain anonymous, please do not provide your name or any other information that may personally identify you.

In accordance with the Granville County Internal Auditor’s Office, detailed information received pursuant to a report of fraud, waste and/or abuse or any ongoing investigation thereof shall be considered work papers of the Office and shall be confidential. Individuals should know however, that such information may become known during the course of any investigation, whether you report anonymously or not, the County Internal Auditor’s Office will treat your report confidentially.

How Can I Report?

Fill out a Fraud, Waste, Abuse Allegation Report Form and submit electronically.

If you observe any fraud, waste, abuse, or misuse of Granville County resources, or in the operations of the County government assets, please call the AlertLine at 1-919-693-9539. This AlertLine may be answered by the County Internal Auditor (Monday through Friday) between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.  If the Internal Auditor is not available, you may leave a message to be called back if you would like to speak personally or leave a detailed voice mail.

What happens after I report the incident to the AlertLine?

The information that you report is received by the Internal Auditor’s Office who initiates and coordinates all investigations.  The Internal Auditor’s Office will review and handle the information reported to the AlertLine in a confidential and professional manner, and will conduct a prompt preliminary investigation of the alleged activity. A full investigation will follow if evidence substantiates possible fraud, waste, and/or abuse, which may vary from a couple of weeks to several months depending on the complexity of the case.



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