Volunteer Service Award

This award program is administered by the Granville County Manager’s Office.  For assistance with the nomination form or to obtain additional information, call (919) 693-5240. 

The Volunteer Service Award Nomination Form is available for download in PDF or fillable Word formats:
Volunteer Service Award Nomination Form (PDF) 
Volunteer Service Award Nomination Form (fillable Word document)


Nomination, Eligibility, and Submission Guidelines 
Nominees must have been engaged for a minimum of one year within Granville County in activities that benefited county community(ies) in a substantial, important, or unique way. Volunteer service performed outside the county will not be considered.

Students receiving course credits for their volunteer activities are ineligible unless the nomination is based on volunteer service that extends beyond the course requirements, in which case it must be clearly indicated in the nomination section. 

National Service Volunteers must be nominated for service above and beyond that which is required of them in their national service program. Volunteer time recorded in a national service program will not be eligible. 

Previous award recipients within the past three years are ineligible. 

Nominations cannot be based upon court-mandated community service. 

Self-nominations will not be accepted. 

Group/team and corporate volunteerism nominations must be made by those external to the group/team or corporation/business. 

Important Submission Requirements 
All nominations must be submitted on a fully-completed Granville County Board of Commissioners Volunteer Service Award Nomination Form.  The form must include two references for each nomination and be signed and dated by the nominator and both references. 

This is an ongoing nomination. Nominations should be submitted by the first day of each month throughout the year to the Granville County Clerk to the Board at P.O. Box 906, Oxford, NC 27565. 

Award Selection 
Award selections are based on the nominee’s volunteer efforts and commitment of time, accomplishments, community impact, and enhancement of the lives of others, as described on the nomination form. 

Nominations are received and evaluated at the county level. There is a limit of 5 nominations per county meeting. 

The county manager’s office and the associated advisory board(s) will select award recipients based on merit and eligibility. Recipients are selected without regard to race, color, age, religion, gender, national origin, or physical/mental disability. 

Types of Acceptable Nominations 
Individual: An individual who volunteers on their own.
Family: A family that volunteers together on the same project(s).
Group/Team:  A group or team of two or more people that volunteer together on the same project(s). 

Type of Volunteer Service Performed  

  • Veteran/Military Families. An individual or group who has provided volunteer service to military families or veterans. 
  • Mentor. An individual volunteer who has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to working with youth (ages 18 and younger) in a mentoring capacity. 
  • Beautification. An individual, family group/team, youth, or senior who volunteers in efforts to beautify the County. Examples include litter pickup, landscaping work, etc. 
  • Disaster. An individual, family, group/team, youth, or senior who volunteers in disaster preparedness, response, recovery, or mitigation activities. 
  • Animal Welfare. An individual, family, group/team, youth, or senior who has demonstrated outstanding commitment to volunteering with or for animals. 
  • County Heritage. An individual, family, group/team, youth, or senior who volunteers through restoring and preserving our local heritage. 
  • Perseverance in Volunteerism. An individual volunteer who has overcome significant personal obstacles (cognitive and/or physical) in order to engage in service to others. 
  • Lifetime Achievement. An individual who has exhibited a lifelong commitment to volunteerism and community service. Nominees must have made a substantial and long-term sustained impact in the community as a result of their service efforts. 
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