Brummitt and Hicks earn certifications from NENA

Granville County’s Emergency Communications (9-1-1) Director Trent Brummitt and Training Coordinator Stacy Hicks have been certified by the National Emergency Number Association (NENA).


ENP Certification is a tool that establishes benchmarks for performance, signifying competence in the field. Those who successfully complete certification demonstrate a mastery of the knowledge required for emergency number program management, help raise industry standards, and confirm their commitment to the 9-1-1 profession. Candidates must meet eligibility requirements, complete an application (after an approval process) and pass the ENP exam. Once certification is earned, the credentials must be maintained by fulfilling re-certification requirements every four years, or passing the exam again prior to the re-certification deadline.


The Emergency Communications Center is under the direction of the Granville County Sheriff’s Office. All telecommunicators are certified through the N.C. Sheriff’s Education and Training Standards Commission, as well as being certified as Division of Criminal Information (DCI) terminal operators through the State Bureau of Investigation. In addition, telecommunicators are certified and trained in Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD), which enables them to give pre-arrival first aid over the telephone and in Emergency Fire Dispatch (EFD), which enables them to gather scene-specific information to relay to responders.





In addition to the required certifications, Brummitt and Hicks are now two of 84 certified ENP’s (Emergency Number Professionals) across the entire state.

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