Packages, packages and more packages!

Granville County Recycling Coordinator Teresa Baker offers these tips for recycling your packaging this holiday season:


  • Remove all styrofoam inserts from your cardboard box before placing in your recycle bin or cart; 
  • Remove plastic bubble bags and bubble wrap – take to plastic bag recycling center outside of your grocery store for recycling
  • Place paper envelopes in recycling bin or cart;
  • Padded envelopes do not go in the recycle bin – either re-use or landfill trash please.


Although there is not an outlet for recycling styrofoam or “packing peanuts” in our area, there are ways to re-use them:

  • Place “packing peanuts” or styrofoam inserts in the bottom of a large pot to increase drainage and lessen the weight of the plant when needing to move it around;
  • Some shipping centers (UPS stores) accept clean styrofoam inserts and “packing peanuts” for re-use;
  • Dart Containers in Randleman, NC accepts clean, dry styrofoam at its facility, which happens to be close to the North Carolina Zoo – so you can plan a trip for your next family outing and recycle responsibly on the same day! 


To reach Teresa Baker, Recycle and Sustainability Coordinator for Granville County, call 919-725-1417 or email her at



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