Citizens Advisory Committee for Environmental Affairs

Function: The Board shall have the power to investigate, publicize and report to the Board of Commissioners any activities in Granville County involving threat to any land, water or air resources which are found by the Board to endanger or threaten to endanger the persons and property of citizens of the County.  The Board shall serve as the “Eyes and Ears of the Board of Commissioners on any environmental issues.”


Neil Gresham, Douglas N.            District 1                 

Tony Santangelo                           District 6                 

Joe Ostby                                      District 3                 

Steve Timberlake                           District 2                 

Paul Westfall                                  Ex-Officio                

David Hinton                                  Ex-Officio                

Marshall Floyd                               District 4                 

Frank McKay                                   District 5                 

Judy Cheek                                     District 7                 

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