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Many of our counties’ over 4400 Veterans have no clue what benefits they may be eligible. Make an appointment to visit me soon so that we can discuss how your service to your county may help you and your family.

You can learn more about Veteran’s benefits by making an appointment above or by calling (919)-693-1484.


The Granville County Veterans Affairs Committee will host the 2017 Veterans Appreciation Event on Saturday, March 18, 2017 from 2:00pm – 4:00pm at the Granville County Expo and Convention Center located on Hwy 15 south of Oxford.

The theme for this year’s event will be “The 1980’s: A Decade of Service”.    The Veterans Affair’s Committee will be recognizing and honoring those veterans who served from 1980 to 1989.

According to the Timeline of United States Military Operations, 29 significant operations were conducted from 1980 through 1989. They include: 1980 “Operation Eagle Claw” – an unsuccessful attempt to rescue the American Hostages in Iran; 1983 – “Operation Urgent Fury” in Grenada; 1985 – “Achille Lauro Incident” where hijackers killed an American citizen; 1988 – “Operation Golden Pheasant” an emergency deployment of US troops to Honduras in response to threatening actions by Nicaraguans; 1988 – “USS Vincennes incident” where the US mistakenly shot down Iran Air Flight 655; 1989 – “The Andean Initiative in War on Drugs” in Columbia, Bolivia and Peru; and 1989 – “Operation Just Cause” the US invaded Panama to protect American citizens and to bring General Manuel Noriega to justice.

The Keynote speaker for this year’s event will be Mr. Jim Golgart, Immediate Past President of the National Association of County Veterans Services Officers, 660 North Capitol Street, NW Suite 400, Washington, DC 20001.  

Refreshments will be provided to all attendees.

For more information contact Event Chair, Mike Allen @ 919-690-9147 or Granville County Veterans Services Officer, Dr. Doug Vaughan at 919-693-1484.

Timeline Source of information:

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