Emergency Management


Emergency Management


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(919) 603-1310

5662 Cornwall Road

PO Box 598

Oxford NC 27565


Granville County Emergency Management provides overall coordination, planning, response and recovery efforts for emergency and disaster situations.  Through coordinated planning, response, recovery and mitigation efforts with all emergency response and law enforcement agencies in the County, the threat of major personal injury or negative economic impact due to emergency or disaster situations is reduced for the general public of the County.





Granville County Emergency Management uses the CodeRED emergency notification service to provide citizens with emergency information through phone calls, text messages, emails and the CodeRED Mobile Alert app. The system will be used to keep you informed of local events that may immediately impact your safety. As a local resident, Granville County Emergency Management encourages you to take action and register your home, business and/or cell phone for this free service and verify your home and/or business location to receive targeted notifications that directly impact your home or business.

Don’t wait! Start receiving notifications that could save your life. Sign up today!  Click on the CodeRED icon to enroll CodeRED offers a mobile app for Android and iPhone devices. All residents and business owners are encouraged to download the free app to receive alerts based on the geo-location of your phone. As you travel throughout other CodeRED communities, you can receive important alerts that include community, emergency, and severe weather information. To download the CodeRED Mobile Alert app, visit Google Play or the App Store. (This will be a different login from the desktop version.)







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