Family & Children’s Medicaid

There are several different types of medical coverage for Families and Children, depending on their specific needs. To qualify, you must meet program specific criteria as well as general criteria, some of which include:

  • you must have a Social Security number or you have applied for one
  • you are a U.S. citizen or qualified alien
  • you live in North Carolina
  • that your income meets the program requirements for which you are applying

MICMedicaid for Infants and Children is coverage for children under the age of 19 whose parents’ income falls under the specified percentage of the Federal guidelines.

happy-family-871294248498gdsMAFMedicaid for Families with Dependent Children is coverage for parents or caretakers who have children under the age of 18 living in their household and for children ages 19 & 20.

MPWMedicaid for Pregnant Women covers pregnant women whose income falls under the specified percentage of Federal guidelines.

FPP Family Planning Medicaid is a program designed for individuals to be able to have access to planning services to help reduce the number of unplanned pregnancies.

Criteria to meet FPP include:

  • no age restriction
  • must be ineligible for other aid programs
  • can not be receiving Medicare
  • must meet all financial and non-financial eligibility requirements

How to apply:faqs-icon

Paper Application

Download, complete and sign the application

Granville County Department of Social Services
PO Box 966
Oxford, NC 27565


Email Applications:

Emailed applications will only be accepted if submitted to this email address.  


Granville County Department of Social Services
410 West Spring Street
Oxford, NC 27565
2531 East Lyon Station Road
Creedmoor, NC 27522

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