If your question is not answered here, please contact the Granville County Senior Center in Oxford at 919-693-1930 for additional assistance.

Can I be picked up at my house?        

Can KARTS get me to an out-of-town doctor’s office in time for a 9 a.m. appointment?
Because KARTS goes all over the county picking up those who have reserved a ride, KARTS does not guarantee arrival before 10 a.m.

If I need to reserve a ride for a medical appointment, how much will it cost me?
It depends on where you will be going and the number of miles that will be traveled. Senior Services pays the majority of the cost, but you will be asked to contribute towards that cost.

Can someone ride on the van with me to assist me for the day?
You may bring along one friend, family member or aide to assist you, and he/she may ride the van at no cost.

When will the van bring me back home?
Because out of town medical trips are made with groups of people who have appointments on the same day, the van will not be picking you up for the return trip home until around 4:00 that afternoon.

What if I need transportation to come to one of the Senior Centers?
As long as you live in one of the areas where the daily vans run, it should be no problem to be taken to any of the three Senior Centers in County. A small donation will be requested, however, for a round trip ticket.



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