Granville Athletic Park (GAP)

DSC_0521 (2)To make reservations at the Granville Athletic Park call 919-693-3716.


The Granville Athletic Park at the Jonesland Environmental Preserve is the result of many groups’ efforts to use land donated by the Jonesland Board of Directors and funds earmarked by the Tourism Development Authority to develop a state of-the-art facility that includes both active and passive recreational opportunities. The Park was funded by a State of North Carolina Parks and Recreation Trust Fund (PARTF) grant, a Federal Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) grant, and general obligation (G.O) bond financing. The debt service on the G.O. debt is being repaid through Occupancy Tax revenues provided by the Granville County Tourism Development Authority.

DSC_0488 (2)The park includes three regulation size soccer fields and five youth size soccer fields. Fields range from 50×80 yards, 40×60 yards, all the way down to 40×30 yards. All soccer fields may be modified to go as high as World Cup regulation size of 120×70 yards.

The park also has two regulation sized baseball fields for high school and middle school baseball, including permanent mounds and Bermudagrass infields. There are 3 youth size baseball fields to fit 12 & under. Two of these fields are Bermudagrass infields and 1 is a skinned infield that can be modified for fast pitch softball and T-ball. All fields are 419 Tifway Bermudagrass. Fields 1-4 have lighting; field 5 has no lights. Amphitheater at Granville Athletic Park

Additionally, the Granville Athletic Park has two multipurpose fields, a sports pavilion, an amphitheatre, a water spray park, paved walking trails, wetlands and forestry educational areas, and other amenities. The park is open from dawn to dusk each day.

Click here to view the scheduling calendar for the GAP.  To make reservations call 919-693-3716.

photo_32774_20140713**For the safety of our patrons, a lightning detection system monitors the park and surrounding areas for electrical storms. The horns will sound off typically 20 minutes prior to the approaching storm. Patrons should seek immediate shelter within buildings and/or cars. Three short horns will go off when it is safe to go back outside.**

Raymond Allen, Parks and Grounds Director

Phone: 919-693-3716
Fax: 919-693-6281

4615 Belltown Road
P.O. Box 906
Oxford, NC 27565


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