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at Jonesland Environmental Preserve
4615 Belltown Road
Oxford, North Carolina 27565
(919) 693-3716

The Granville Athletic Park (GAP) is open from dawn to dusk year-round.  The park is a result of the efforts of many to utilize land donated by the Jonesland Board of Directors and funds earmarked by the Tourism Development Authority to develop a facility that includes both active and passive recreation opportunities for county residents and visitors. You can read all about the GAP’s fascinating history by clicking here.

GAP layout map

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The park was developed in three phases with funding made available through State of North Carolina Parks and Recreation Trust Fund (PARTF) grants, Federal Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) grants, and general obligation (GO) bond financing.  The 79-acre park offers a variety of amenities that appeal to all ages and interests. 

The images below capture just a glimpse of what is accessible for you and your family to enjoy within a short drive.  Additional information on available rental facilities and online reservations can be accessed in the menu navigation or click here.


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For the safety of our patrons, a lightning detection system monitors the park and surrounding areas for electrical storms. The horns will typically sound 20 minutes prior to the approaching storm. Patrons should seek immediate shelter within buildings and/or cars. Three short horns will go off when it is safe to go back outside.

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