Programs, Outdoor Classroom Space

Local programs of interest will be presented at the Granville Athletic Park’s outdoor classroom space, located along the walking trail of the Park. This area, in the Jonesland Environmental Preserve, includes bench seating and space for presentations in a pergola-type setting, allowing views of the scenic woodlands area.

Scheduled programs from this site on July 24:

* 11:00: Our Tobacco Heritage, presented by Gary Cross of  N.C.
   Cooperative Extension, Granville County Center. Special guest is
   history and tobacco expert Billy Yeargin, a well-known Oxford native
   and author;

* 1:00: Travel discussion led by John and Deloris Owen, “N.C.   
   Our Home Interest Group,” Creative Lifelong Learning Program,
   Granville County Senior Center.

* 3:00: Meet John Penn, featuring the Thornton Library’s North Carolina
   Room Specialist Mark Pace.

For more details about these programs, please contact the County
Administration Office at 919-603-1308.

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