CodeRED Emergency Notification System

CodeRED is a FREE service that provides emergency notifications to residents through phone calls, text messages, and emails or through the CodeRED Mobile Alert app. The system keeps you informed of local events that may immediately impact your safety. Residents are encouraged to take action and register homes, businesses, and/or cell phones and verify their location to receive targeted notifications.

The CodeRED® system will be used to send critical and time-sensitive communications such as:

– Missing Persons
– Emergency Preparedness
– Emergency Evacuation Notices
– Wildfire Alerts
– Public Health Crisis
– Criminal Activity

The CodeRED database is only used for EMERGENCY NOTIFICATIONS. Information is not shared not used for other than the stated purpose. When a call is from CodeRED, the caller ID will displayEmergency Notifications 866-419-5000” or “Emergency Comm”.  To hear the last message delivered, simply dial the number back.  

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You can also text to sign up from your mobile phone! Text “GRANVILLE” to 99411 (not case-sensitive) to enroll in Granville County’s free emergency notification system, or to receive the link directly to your mobile phone!


Weather Warning
Weather Warning is an optional feature that will automatically notify registrants of tornado, flash flood, and severe thunderstorm warnings. The alerts will be delivered by phone, text, email, or a combination of all three based on personal preferences. Residents in the direct path of severe weather will receive alerts after a warning is issued by the National Weather Service.

In order to receive these notifications, select “Weather Warning” when you enroll in CodeRED or log-in to an existing account and select “Weather Warning”.

Residents now have the ability to create an account using Gmail, Facebook, or Twitter login credentials. This option will securely streamline and simplify the account creation portion. To update an existing account with Gmail, Facebook, or Twitter login credentials, registrants must contact the CodeRED client support team at (866) 939-0911, Monday – Friday during the hours of 8 am to 5 pm.

Mobile App
A free mobile app is available for Android and iPhone devices.  The app serves as an additional tool to inform the community and visitors about important safety information. Residents who have enrolled in the CodeRED system will continue to receive voice calls, text messages, and emails; however, the app is designed to keep users safe and informed while on the go by sending notifications through the app when local alerts are issued.  Residents and business owners are encouraged to download the free app to receive alerts based on the geo-location of their phone.

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