Open Broadband Initiative

In continuation of their focus to create a broadband strategy to serve the citizens of Granville County, in 2019 the Granville County Board of Commissioners approved a contract and incentive package with Open Broadband, LLC to deploy broadband services to the county’s unserved and underserved communities.

The Granville County Expo Center and the Granville Athletic Park (GAP) were the county properties initially identified to host Wi-Fi hot spot services. In addition, the Oak Hill Tower on Charlie Stovall Road in Oxford and the Wilton Tower in Wilton were the locations identified to host broadband equipment for individual paid subscription-based services.

A brief summary of each project’s status appears below.  This page will be updated regularly as Open Broadband progresses toward completion of these important initiatives for Granville County. 

Free Public Wi-Fi Projects

Granville County Expo Center
Free public Wi-Fi installation was comp
leted in late 2019. Wi-Fi is accessible in areas of the parking lot

Granville Athletic Park (GAP)
Free p
ublic Wi-Fi installation was approved by the County Commissioners and the first part of the installation was completed in December 2020. Coverage encompasses field spectator areas and the covered area at the concession stand.  Future installation will cover the new tennis courts and playground area currently under construction in Phase III.

The county also publishes a free public Wi-Fi hot spot locator map accessible here. 

Broadband Projects

Open Broadband coverage area at Oak Hill Tower

Oak Hill Tower
The county has been working with Open Broadband throughout th
e pandemic to facilitate the first broadband installation on the Oak Hill Tower. Work includes a lengthy plan review process, in which engineers conducted a rigorous structural analysis of the tower’s capacity to support broadband equipment and draft construction drawings. Final approval and permitting for equipment installation occurred in late November. Open Broadband began equipment installation on April 2, 2021 and is awaiting coordination with Century Link to connect the fiber line. 

Wilton Tower  
The county has also initiated a project with Open Broadband to install equipment on th
e monopole tower in Wilton. Engineers have completed the necessary construction drawings and equipment specifications, and an agreement for installation will be presented to the County Board of Commissioners for approval. Upon acceptance of the agreement, Open Broadband reports that they should be able to schedule installation within 90 days of the approval date.

Following installation and a brief testing period, Open Broadband will reach out to residents ion the county waitlist to notify them of service availability. To ensure you are on the waitlist, please visit


If you haven’t signed up for the waitlist, please visit the Open Broadband website at to enter your name and to learn more about Open Broadband in Granville County.  


     Open Broadband publishes a FAQ document on their website here.





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