Human Relations Commission


Standing Committees

The standing committees of the HRC are: Education Awareness, Public Relations Programs and Planning, Grievances/Public Comments, Social, and Publicity.

Education Awareness Committee

Chair: Mr. Tony Cozart 

The HRC supports efforts to raise educational awareness about the importance of equal access to education for all citizens and residents. The HRC works closely with the Granville County School System, planning and neighborhood community organizations, and other advocacy organizations that promote and provide educational information that benefit, assist and help our citizens regardless of age.

For more information contact Tony Cozart at:

Public Relations Programs and Planning (PRPP)

Chair: Mr. Dennis Daniel

The PRPP engages in HRC program and planning with a focus on community organizations, groups, and individuals; partner with other organizations working in the areas of human relations and services; in collaboration with the Education Committee, assists in positive assimilation of all ethnic groups, races and nationalities by planning and delivering public sessions, conferences and civic programs to the public thus enhancing communication between all segments of the community, which promotes peace, understanding, respect, good will and harmony among all citizens.   

Grievance/Public Comments

Chair: Mr. Telessie McGhee

The HRC serves as an “open forum vehicle” for addressing possible illegal discrimination in public accommodations, private employment, and housing within the County”. Prohibited forms of discrimination involve race, color, creed, religion, sex, domestic relationship status, sexual orientation, national origin, gender identity, age, and physical disability. The HRC open forum receives individual’s input and supports initial investigations of complaints and concerns regarding discriminatory practices.  

Social Events

Chair: Mr. James J. Gooch

The HRC readily supports all County, City, and Town Hall community events and forums.  HRC members are encouraged to attend and make themselves available on behalf of the Commission.


Chair: Mr. Jason Jenkins

The HRC always seek to announce and promote public awareness of HRC events throughout the year via various means of publications and announcements, such as local newspapers, radio, and our HRC webpage on the Granville County Website.  The HRC is interested in receiving citizens, businesses, and organization’s items of public interest that further Community awareness and encourage understanding and good will between all citizens regardless of race, sex, religion, creed, nationality, or economic status, and thus promote the general welfare of the community.


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