Board of Adjustment

The function and duty of the Board of Adjustment is to hear and decide appeals from and review any order, requirement, decision, or determination made by an administrative official charged with enforcing the Granville County Zoning Ordinance. This Board shall also hear and consider any and all requests for variances and conditional use permits from the public at large, and arguments regarding zoning district boundary interpretation.

Name District Original Appointment Term Expires
Wayne Overton 2 2013 2025
Juanita Rogers 4 2019 2025
Blaine Holmes 5 2021 2025
Michael Smith 1 2022 2025
James Williams 3 2018 2024
John Wimbush 7 1991 2024
John Frank 6 2022 2024
Victoria Bradsher (Alternate) 2 2023 2026
Delores Lyons (Alternate) 4 2019 2024

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