Animal Control Advisory Committee

The function of the Animal Control Advisory Committee shall be to:

a) hear appeals of dangerous or vicious animal declarations enacted by the
County Animal Control Department;
b) establish procedures for appeals;
c) formulate general policy for the Animal Control Department;
d) identify and investigate options for managing animal control issues, and
e) ensure that the County animal control practices are consistent with standard animal control practices

Name District Original Appointment Term Expires
Colleen Fitzgerald 3 2018 2025
Lisa Wilson 5 2023 2025
Andrea Westcott 4 2023 2024
Dakota Taylor-Beck 7 2023 2023
Jennifer Currin 2 2023 2024
Natalie Rowntree 1 2023 2025
Angela Gooch 6 2020 2024
Matt Katz Animal Management Director    
Lisa Harrison Health Director    
Sue Hinman County Commissioner 2016  
Annie Crews Humane Society of Granville County 2023  
Lori Scappino Veterinary Rep 2023 2025

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