County Manager Search Process

October 17

Drew Cummings takes the Oath of Office and begins his tenure as County Manager.

September 7

County Commissioners announce the hiring of Drew Cummings as the next County Manager. Cummings plans to begin employment with Granville County on Monday, October 17.

August 4, 5, and 16

The Board of County Commissioners hold special meetings to conduct interviews for the County Manager position. 

July 29

Doug Logan officially took the Oath of Office and began his tenure as Interim County Manager.

July 29 (3 p.m. – 5 p.m. at the Granville County Convention and Expo Center)

Commissioners will host a reception honoring outgoing Manager Michael Felts.

July 11 and 19

Commissioners hold special meetings to review applications for the County Manager position in closed session.

June 22

Doug Logan, former Emergency Services Director for Granville County, is selected to serve as Interim County Manager until a permanent Manager is hired.

June 14

Developmental Associates publishes a recruitment brochure and job advertisement seeking applications through July 10.

May 24

Commissioners hold a special meeting to discuss the County Manager search in closed session. At this meeting, Commissioners selected Developmental Associates to facilitate the recruitment of the next County Manager.

May 3

County Manager Michael Felts announces his resignation, effective at the end of July.

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