Approved Redistricting Map

Modified Voting Districts Based on 2020 Census Data

The Granville County Board of Commissioners and Granville County Board of Education engaged Brooks, Pierce, McLendon, Humphrey & Leonard, LLP to draw voting districts based on data from the 2020 Census. Districts must be studied and possibly re-drawn after each decennial census to ensure that voting districts are fair and provide equal representation for citizens on the County Board of Commissioners and Board of Education.

Following several public meetings, held jointly by the Board of Commissioners and Board of Education and five revisions taking into account public input and requests from elected officials, the revised maps were approved on November 15, 2021. Citizens whose voting districts have changed will receive notification from the Granville County Board of Elections. 

Follow this link to download a PDF of the approved voting district map.

Redistricting Map Approved November 15, 2021

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