Our Mission & Values

Granville County Government enhances the quality of life for the citizens of the County by providing an array of services through a responsive, effective and efficient local government. These services focus on:

  • Health and Public Safety
  • Human and Social Services
  • Environmental Management
  • Education
  • Recreation and Cultural Opportunities
  • Economic Development

Granville County Government:

  • Promotes open, honest government
  • Maintains an innovative and equitable work environment
  • Highly prizes accuracy, accountability, and reliability

Granville County employees strive to be:

  • Honest and responsible
  • Capable in their area of expertise
  • Caring and empathetic people

In our daily work, employees value teamwork and cooperation, collaboration, innovation, strong leadership, public integrity, listening and responding to stakeholders, diversity, motivation, genuine respect for our fellow citizens, prudent financial management and regulatory compliance.

For more information, please call Granville County Administration at 919-693-5240.

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