Kerr-Tar Regional Resilience Project Open House

April 28, 2022 all-day
The public is invited to attend an open house for the Kerr-Tar region for the regional resilience project on Thursday, April 28. There are two options (Zoom or in-person) for residents to participate in planning for our region’s future!
Attend an open house on Thursday April 28th to learn about and participate in a locally driven resiliency project focused in Franklin, Granville, Person, Vance, & Warren counties in the Kerr-Tar region of North Carolina.
This will be an interactive and engaging open house with a short presentation at the beginning and then followed by an opportunity for small group/individual collaboration for community members and stakeholders.
The theme of the open house is sharing local knowledge of your community’s challenges related to climate impacts, such as flooding and storms, what ‘resilience’ means to you, and strengths in the region. The open house is hosted by the NC Office of Recovery & Resiliency, Kleinfelder, NC Rural Center, and the Kerr-Tar Council of Governments. Please join us for any amount of time you can – your input and contributions are incredibly valuable! All are welcome.
Open House date: Thursday April 28th
Option #1 (Zoom): 10:30 am – 12:00 pm
Zoom link: Meeting ID: 835 5366 0944
Option #2 (In-person + Zoom): 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Physical location: Kerr-Tar Council of Governments, 1724 Graham Avenue, Henderson, NC 27536
Zoom option: Meeting ID: 843 8346 1025
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