Granville County is located in the North Central Prosperity Zone and Sub-Region of North Carolina (map below) and is part of the Research Triangle Region. Learn more about Granville County by viewing the ACCESS NC Data Profile for Granville County or by searching the NC Department of Commerce Demand Driven Data Delivery System.

Map of NC Zone and Sub Region from NC Commerce.

Graphic: North Central Prosperity Zone and Sub-Region map.


NC map with a close-up of Granville County.

Graphic: NC map with a focus on Granville County.


Granville County is a part of the Triangle North initiative. Triangle North is a set of four high-quality business parks with links to North Carolina’s Research Triangle. Each offers a range of critical assets that connect companies to their strategic business objectives. Triangle North Granville is a life sciences and technology park located in the northern part of the Research Triangle Region of North Carolina, one of the most economically competitive locations in the world. Click here to view the proposed master plan of the site. The master plan is subject to change. Highlights of Triangle North Granville include:

  • 527-acre industrial park documented shovel-ready after extensive assessments by qualified engineers and consultants.
  • 40-minute drive to Research Triangle Park and Raleigh-Durham International Airport. Approximately 45 miles from N.C. State University’s Centennial Campus.
  • Four miles to Henderson-Oxford Airport (HNZ).
  • Three miles of frontage along Interstate 85.
  • Eligibility for Tier One (i.e., most lucrative) status when applying for North Carolina incentives.
Map of Triangle North Granville

Graphic: Triangle North Granville


For more information on Triangle North Granville, view the Triangle North Data Sheet or click here

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