Board of Commissioners Meeting Recap – July 1, 2024

Posted July 5, 2024



The Granville County Board of Commissioners held a regular meeting on Monday, July 1 at the Granville County Convention and Expo Center. The meeting featured the introduction of the 2024 Summer Civic Leadership cohort consisting of five rising high school seniors. The Summer Civic Leadership program provides high school students who reside in Granville County the opportunity to gain experience working in an office environment while also learning about government operations and the role that Granville County government plays in the community. To prepare participants for professional life, all applicants to the program participate in a competitive selection process that includes a formal interview with a panel of county employees. This year’s cohort includes Destani Harris (Granville Central High School), Madison Martinez-Molina (South Granville High School), Jazmin Santiago-Barrera (Granville Early College High School), Leah Scott (Henderson Collegiate High School), and Praley Williams (Granville Early College High School). In addition to working in various county departments, students will complete a final project and present the results to the Board of Commissioners during an upcoming meeting.


Other business conducted on July 1 included:


– Approval of an updated Memorandum of Understanding between Granville County and the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services for Social Services programs.

– Approval of Home and Community Care Block Grant funding from the State of North Carolina in the amount of $528,504 for in-home and community-based services conducted by Granville County Senior Services.

– Approval of recreation mini grants to the Town of Butner, Butner Community Association, Toler Community Reach Out Club, City of Creedmoor, City of Oxford, and Town of Stem totaling $101,783.11 to improve access to recreation across the county. More information about these projects will be included in a future press release.

– Approval of a consulting services contract with Hartigan Management Enterprises, Inc. for Economic Development consulting for an amount not to exceed $15,000.

– Approval of a resolution authorizing the allocation of Opioid Settlement funds totaling $293,000 to Granville Health System for a Post-Overdose Response Team (PORT) within the Emergency Medical Services department and $196,593 to the Granville County Sheriff’s Office for a Medicated Assisted Treatment (MAT) program at the Granville County Detention Center. More information about these programs and the use of Granville County’s Opioid Settlement funds will be included in a future press release.

– Approval of a salary of $1,800 per year and $150 additional pay per meeting for the Chair of the Granville County Alcohol Beverage Control Board.

– Approval of Granville County’s contribution to the Completing Access to Broadband (CAB) Program totaling $1,800,000.09 to deploy broadband infrastructure to 1,697 locations in Granville County. More information about Granville County’s participation in the CAB program will be included in a future press release.

– Approval of revisions to the Granville County Personnel Policy related to elected officials and employees who report to independent governing bodies.

– Reappointing Elvin Mangum (District 3) and Michael O’Briant Turner (District 6) to the Granville County Planning Board.

– Reappointing Leroy Anderson (Northern Region – Citizen At-Large) Matt Norwood (Central Region – Fire and Emergency Services), and Jonathan Hayes (Southern Region – Citizen At-Large) to the Granville County Fire Commission.

– Appointing Bob Forkish (Northern ETJ) to the Town of Butner Planning Board.

– Appointing Commissioner Sue Hinman to serve as Granville County’s voting delegate for the annual business meeting of the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners scheduled for August 8-10 in Forsyth County, NC.

– A presentation on proposed revisions to Granville County Advisory Board guidelines. The revisions will be considered for approval at a future meeting.

– Approving Budget Amendment #1 for Fiscal Year 2024-2025 allocating funding for economic incentive payments to Meel Corp, D’Artagnan, and Dill Air Controls and legal fees incurred related to the Triangle North property development with Portman Industrial, LLC.

– Amending the Triangle North Water and Sewer Project Ordinance to account for the transfer of funds included in Budget Amendment #1 for Fiscal Year 2024-2025.

– Approving tax refunds, releases, and write-offs from June 6, 2024, to June 19, 2024.

– Approving a revision to the Fiscal Year 2024-2025 Fee Manual to adjust color printing fees and eliminate the genealogy research fee at the Granville County Library System.

– Approving the reclassification of Accounting Technician II to Administrative Assistant II in the Social Services Pay and Classification Plan.

– Approving revisions to the Fiscal Year 2024-2025 Granville County Social Services Pay and Classification Plan to align with the State of North Carolina Pay and Classification Plan.

– Approving Board of Commissioners Meeting Minutes for May 13, 2024; May 15, 2024; May 20, 2024; and June 3, 2024.


The next meeting of the Granville County Board of Commissioners is scheduled for Monday, August 5 at 7:00 p.m. at the Granville County Convention and Expo Center.


To stay informed about upcoming meetings of the Board of Commissioners, visit the Granville County website where you can sign up for the “Sunshine List” and follow the county on Facebook.


All meetings of the Granville County Board of Commissioners are now streamed live on YouTube! Subscribe to Granville County Government on YouTube to view the live videos. Archived recordings will also be available on the Granville County website.


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