Board of Commissioners Meeting Recap – November 6, 2023

Posted November 8, 2023




The Granville County Board of Commissioners held a regular meeting on Monday, November 6 at the Granville County Convention and Expo Center. The meeting featured a major advancement for economic development in Granville County when the Board of Commissioners approved the sale of 127.16 acres in Triangle North Business Park to Portman Industrial, LLC. Portman Industrial plans to construct two sperate buildings totaling 940,000 square feet, which will be built to accommodate targeted industries that will bring higher tax values and higher paying jobs to the county. Portman Industrial plans to complete the construction of both buildings by early 2026.


Granville County will receive the net proceeds of the property purchase for which Portman Industrial has agreed to pay $4,450,600 ($35,000 per acre). The Board of Commissioners also approved an economic development incentive for clearing, grading and site development that Portman will be eligible to receive pending a final contract agreement considered at a future date.


Another highlight from the meeting was a report from the Granville County Youth Leadership Council showcasing their recent work along with an introduction of new members. The Youth Leadership Council was formed to bring the voice of Granville’s youth to county government and provide diverse perspectives to several of the county’s advisory boards.


The Board of Commissioners also received various updates and conducted the following business:


– Received an update from Kerr Area Transportation Authority Executive Director Randy Cantor.

– Received an update from Cooperative Extension Agent Mikayla Berryhill on the Field Crops program.

– Approved the tax schedule, standards, and rules for the upcoming 2024 property tax revaluation.

– Approved a fixed price contract to Stephen Baxter Architect of $17,400 to finalize the design of the Cooperative Extension Teaching Kitchen.

– Approved the purchase of Comper Pro and Comper Citizen software to allow tax assessors and citizens to judge comparable properties with sales data from across the county.

– Received an update from Tax Administrator Jenny Griffin on the 2024 Property Tax Revaluation process.

– Approved the purchase of two message boards for Emergency Management at a cost of $31,854.56 utilizing Homeland Security Domestic Preparedness grant funding.

– Approved updates to the Granville County Continuity of Operations Plan.

– Appointed William Betts to the Kerr-Tar Workforce Development Board.

– Reappointed Commissioner Timothy Karan to the South Granville Water and Sewer Authority Board of Directors.

– Appointed Corey Brandon to the Veterans Affairs Committee.

– Appointed Hope Pittman to the Juvenile Crime Prevention Council.

– Approved an amended School Resource Officer (SRO) Agreement between the Granville County Sheriff’s Office and the City of Creedmoor to fund an additional SRO for a public school located within the City of Creedmoor.

– Approved an agreement with the UNC School of Government Local Government Workplaces Initiative to conduct a workplace climate survey for Granville County at a cost not to exceed $15,000.

– Approved Upper Neuse River Basin Association Consensus Principles Part II for revised Falls Lake Rules.

– Approved fiscal year 2023-2024 Budget Amendment #3.

– Approved the reassignment of Human Services Funds to the General Fund.

– Approved Tax Refunds of $1,593.81, Tax Releases of $1,088.21, and Tax Write-Offs of $3.10.

– Approved meeting minutes from August 7, 2023.

– Approved a new County Personal Property Disposition Policy.

– Approved a reduction of salary for an elected official per NCGS 153A-92.


To stay informed about upcoming meetings of the Granville County Board of Commissioners, visit the Granville County website where you can sign up for the “Sunshine List” and follow the county on Facebook at


The next meeting of the Granville County Board of Commissioners is scheduled for Monday, November 20 at 7:00 p.m. at the Granville County Convention and Expo Center.

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