Senior Services Assists 645 Residents with Medicare Enrollment

Posted January 24, 2023


Granville County Senior Services provides assistance to local seniors during the annual federal Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Open Enrollment period. In 2022, Granville’s certified Senior Health Insurance Information Program (SHIIP) staff helped 645 seniors explore their options and enroll in the plan that would best meet their needs. This enrollment assistance program helped Granville County seniors save a total of $264,312 on their prescription drug costs. Granville’s SHIIP counselors work with seniors to ensure that they are enrolled in a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan that best meets their needs and will provide medications at the best price.


“The best Medicare Prescription Drug Plan for each individual can change from year to year,” according to Granville County Senior Services Director Kathy May. “Our counselors spend months researching the differences in each plan utilizing an online tool released by the federal Medicare Office. We know that plan changes can be stressful and overwhelming for Medicare enrollees, so we are glad that we can offer the peace of mind for our seniors that there are trusted and qualified counselors at their local senior centers ready and willing to help.”


Granville County has offered SHIIP counseling services at the Granville County Senior Center in Oxford for many years and was able to expand services to the South Granville Senior Center in Creedmoor in 2022. During the seven-week open enrollment period, 562 seniors were served at appointments at the Oxford Senior Center and 83 seniors received the same service at the South Granville location in Creedmoor. The North Carolina Department of Insurance oversees the SHIIP certification program, a rigorous course with quarterly trainings required to maintain credentials. Currently, Granville County Senior Services has seven SHIIP counselors on-staff: Jill Floyd, Judy Gray, Marilyn Howard, Carolyn Keith, Kathy May, Teresa Rowland, and Christy Southall.  


The Medicare Part D Open Enrollment window will once again run from October 15 through December 7, 2023. Enrollment assistance from qualified SHIIP counselors will be offered at the Granville County Senior Center in Oxford and the South Granville Senior Center in Creedmoor. Granville seniors will be invited to make appointments for counseling and enrollment assistance in late summer or early fall.


For more information about SHIIP counseling or other services and programs offered by Granville County Senior Services, please visit their website or call 919-693-1930.

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