Fire Protection and Rescue Service District

Posted July 20, 2022


Beginning July 1 with the opening of a new fiscal year for Granville County Government, fire departments throughout the county will now receive funding from a dedicated funding stream via the Granville County Fire Protection and Rescue Service District. This district includes all the unincorporated areas of Granville County as well as the Town of Stovall and took effect on July 1 after several months of public meetings and deliberation by the Board of County Commissioners following the completion of an in-depth study by the NC Fire Chief’s Consulting firm. All revenues generated by taxes collected from this district must be spent on fire and rescue services and cannot be used for other county services. The district will help protect the health and safety of all Granville County residents by providing a dedicated and sustainable funding source for the county’s volunteer fire departments and ensure that all residents receive professional fire protection services when needed no matter where they live in the county.


Before this district was established, there was not a dedicated funding source for fire departments in Granville County. This made it exceedingly difficult for the county and all fire departments to plan for capital expenses (like trucks and stations) as well as the annual expenses needed to operate each department (standard equipment, training, utilities, etc.). The Board of Commissioners recognized that fire departments throughout the county are facing a host of distinct challenges that would need sound and thoughtful financial planning. One of these future challenges is staffing, which may be required by the NC Department of Insurance to keep fire insurance affordable and have firefighters ready when emergencies occur.


Below, readers will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the Fire Protection and Rescue Service District.


Q: Is my property in the district?

A: The district includes all properties in unincorporated Granville County as well as the entirety of the Town of Stovall. Those who reside within the municipal limits of the Town of Butner, City of Creedmoor, City of Oxford, and Town of Stem are not in the Fire Protection and Rescue Service District and are not subject to the applicable district tax.


Q: How will this affect my annual tax bill?

A: If you own property within the district, there will be an assessed tax of $0.06 per $100 valuation. In other words, the owner of a property valued at $100,000 would see an increase of $60 on their annual tax bill.


Q: How much funding will this raise for fire protection and rescue services?

A: This $0.06 tax is expected to bring in $1,875,733 in fiscal year 2022-2023. Once again, this funding will only be used to fund fire protection and rescue services. The county is prohibited from utilizing this funding for any other purpose.


Q: How much funding will each fire department in Granville County receive this fiscal year?

A: Fire Departments will receive a base funding level and the volunteer fire departments will also be eligible to receive additional enhancement funding.  As base funding, Fire Department’s that have received “first responder” designation will receive $85,454 (Berea, Brassfield, Bullock, Cornwall, and Stem). Most other fire departments will receive $80,192 (Antioch, Butner, Corinth, Creedmoor, Granville Rural, Oxford, and Providence). South Virgilina will receive $53,377 in recognition of the fact that only a portion of their service area is within Granville County with the rest falling in Halifax County, VA.


Q: Who will oversee the district and decide how the money is spent?

A: Final funding authority rests with the Granville County Board of Commissioners as each year they will determine the acceptable tax to levy in the district and approve the annual expenditures for the tax dollars paid by residents. The district will also receive oversight from an advisory board, the Granville County Fire Commission, whose members will be appointed by the County Commissioners and will have members who reside in the north, central, and southern portions of the county as well as the president of the Granville County Fire Chief’s Association.


Q: How do I find out more information about the district or about my tax bill in general?

A: Contact the Granville County Tax Administration Office at 919-693-4181 or visit the office at 141 Williamsboro Street, Oxford.

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